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VIC 2006 BMW R1150RT-P

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by flinders_72, Sep 5, 2016.

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    2006 (yep) BMW R1150RT-P
    non-negotiable for Netrider members (is advertised elsewhere for $7200)
    Located Murtoa, Vic

    Vic reg to Mar '17 & RWC (will be done on payment)
    99,900km and in excellent condition for a 10 year old bike
    ZTechnic VStream Tall Touring Screen (electrically adjustable)
    HID high beam
    30W LED driving lights
    Extra switchable (on/off to save battery from USB drain) cig lighter and USB plug in dash
    Heated grips
    Booster plug
    Bar risers
    Throttlemeister and matching LHS bar end
    Leather seats
    Ventura rack with bag expandable to 71l and matching tank bag
    BMW Touring panniers with removeable inner bags
    Sheepskin seat cover
    Near new rear tyre, front 70%
    New clutch pressure plate, diaphragm spring, friction plate and bolts
    Near new rear brake disk and pads
    New lower spark plugs
    New fuel filter
    All splines lubed when new clutch fitted
    Valves checked - in spec
    All oils and fluids replaced incl forks, rear drive, and brakes
    New gearbox seal x 3
    New fork seals and dust covers
    Ram mount between handlebars
    Comes with clutch alignment tool, books and service manual on DVD
    Test ride only with payment
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    Up for swaps but I need money for bills and other projects so if you have a dual sport/enduro that's worth around the $3-4k mark I'll consider it + cash, but please no low balls as I have this bike priced fairly.

    Will deliver to Melbourne or anywhere within a couple of hundred km of Murtoa, Vic after a deposit has been paid.
  3. Am interested, just waiting to be paid a rebate I'm due before pursuing further.

    Assuming it's still for sale....

    Anything else you can tell me about this bike? Dropped or crashed? Damage? When is the next service due, and what will it need then? Anything else? Looks like a nice example. If it's still available when I'm ready, I'll be bringing a friend with me (BMW mechanic) to check it out.

    I see the price has dropped on Bikesales, so are you negotiable on your NR price?

    Thanks :)
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  4. Hi Greydog, the bike's still available and won't need anything at all - your BMW mechanic friend will tell you I've taken care of all of the issues these bikes have. The only damage is that it's had two stationary drops, one on each side, and the valve covers on both sides are scratched, although you can buy covers for the covers if you feel the need to hide it. You might find a small mark or two elsewhere but I reckon it's in as good nick as any other of that model. Next service will be due in around 9000km. As for the price, $6500 is as low as I'm willing to go sorry, which is a pretty good price for a pretty good bike IMO. I love the bike when I get the opportunity to use it as a tourer but that's not often enough unfortunately, so I'll put the funds towards other things, which is the only reason it's up for sale.
  5. Thanks for that.
    I'm not worried about minor damage like that. If it's still for sale when I get the $$$, I'll come and have a look.