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VIC 2006 black gpx 250 rego: FH249

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by agttr, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Kawasaki GPX250, black.
    Rego: FH249
    Vin #: JKAEXMF176DA22892
    Engine #: EX250EEA24664

    Stolen overnight (Friday 6th/Saturday 7th January) from carport.

    Bike is your run of the mill gpx250 with a luggage rack. Has been reported to the local cops, Boronia.


  2. Didn't think thieves would really go for the GPX250. They really strike a chord with me, was looking at one for the first bike. Hope it turns up.
  3. Shit news mate, sorry to hear.


    (Still got the Hornet?)
  4. Find it strange as well, considering what else was on offer. My other bike has a thick chain through the front wheel and a disc lock on the rear. The gpx is/was my wifes as I use it as my commuter.

    Before anyone asks, yes, all my vehicles are insured, I'm just hopeful the theiving c****(s) get busted in the meantime.
  5. MV, yeah still have the Hornet. Had an operation on my right hand on Wednesday (broken finger) but should be riding again very soon.
  6. i saw that model today in ringwood unsure of the rego though ill deff keep an eye out for you
  7. Only reason I would think someone would go for that bike is that they binned theirs with no insurance and want the fairings/exhaust etc.

    Sorry for the loss & hopefully insurance sorts everything out for you.

  8. Well, that was quick. Had a message left on my phone that the bike has been found and is in the process of being dusted for fingerprints. Not sure what the process is at the moment but will be contacting insurance tomorrow as the motorcycle side of racv are closed on the weekend.

    Happy it's recovered but peeved as I don't know the state of condition it's in.
  9. where did they find it ?
  10. wow that was quick.. hope its in 1 nick ... good luck with the insurance company
  11. Don't know where it was found. Went to the holding yard to see about picking it up to get it assessed but was told I can take it away after I pay $250. So after speaking to insurance, Jeffrey Motorcycles will be picking it up today to let me know what it'll cost to get it back on road.

    Didn't have a camera on me yesterday when I saw it but it's certainly looking shitty. Screen broken, wires cut and mechanicaly? Who knows.

    Here's hoping it all goes smoothly.
  12. Stolen for a joy ride?

    What a pointless saga for you.
  13. man hope they find the prick that did it and bust his arse
  14. Pointless indeed. Just hoping that as he/they've binned it, that they did a bit of damage to themselves in the process.

    Took a couple of pics of it in the meantime. Now it's a waiting game.



  15. wow that looks like its from 1987 they've done a number on her alright
  16. I love the gpx - it was my first bike.

    :( Your bike will be written off, no two ways about it. Bugger. Looks like you had her in good knick too.
  17. There is a special place in hell reserved for those that wreck a brother's bike. If they locate the culprit, ensure they are made known.
  18. is it that easy to hotwire a bike?

  19. It is goz especially the older ones
  20. Yer i hear Ones been sparking bikes up since he was 11

    After his great grand mumma showed him , he would know Goz ......

    Dam thiefs hang em !!!!!!!!