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2006 Australian Motorcycle Championship Dates [No PI round]

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pvda, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Below is a cut & paste from www.mcnews.com.au news section with the dates for the various national bikes series in Australia.

    I note with interest no ASC round at PI this year so other than support events to the main game at the PI GP's the only Victorian appearence will be at Winton.

    The calendars for the following 2006 Australian motorcycle championships have now been set and/or confirmed:

    Australian Superbike Championship
    Rd1 April 7-9 Eastern Creek, NSW
    Rd2 May 26-28 Barbagallo, WA
    Rd3 June 2-4 Mallala, SA
    Rd4 July 7-9 Queensland Raceway, Qld
    Rd5 September 8-10 Symmons Plains, Tas
    Rd6 October 20-22 Winton, Vic
    Rd7 November 17-19 Eastern Creek, NSW (TBC)

    Australian Supercross Championship (aka Supercross Masters)
    Rd1 February 11 Adelaide, SA
    Rd2 February 18 TBA, Victoria
    Rd3 March 25 Perth, WA
    Rd4 July 29 Brisbane, Qld
    Rd5 October 14 TBA, Vic
    Rd6 November 11 TBA, NSW

    Australian Motocross Championship
    Rd1 April 2 Wanneroo Park, WA
    Rd2 April 9 Gillman, SA
    Rd3 April 30 Wonthaggi, Vic
    Rd4 May 7 Conondale, Qld
    Rd5 Ma 20-21 Geelong, Vic
    Rd6 May 28 Newcastle, NSW
    Rd7 June 18 Toowoomba, Qld
    Rd8 July 9 Broadford, Vic
    Rd9 July 15-16 Newcastle, NSW
    Rd10 July 22-23 Coolum, Qld

    Australian Supermoto Championship
    Rd1 February 4 Eastern Creek, NSW
    Rd2 March 11 Oran Park, NSW
    Rd3 March 12 Eastern Creek, NSW
    Rd4 March 26 Cobden, Vic
    Rd5 April 30 Coffs Harbour, NSW
    Rd6 June 24 Darlington Park, Qld

    Of course PVDA seriously suggests confirming the above dates before booking any accomodation or travel arrangements cos I don't want to be beaten up if any of them are wrong :p
  2. Is PVDA like DVDA, or something far more sinister?

    Note: Link possibly NSFW.
  3. Thanks a lot Loz :evil:

    It's actually my initials.

    But I do share it with a Dutch Political Party (Google it if you don't believe me)
  4. There y'go. Y'don't ask, y'never know.
  5. It's official, no ASC @ PI in 2006

    Well. it's official, no ASC round at Phillip Island next year.

    Here is a post on the series web site by Terry O'Neill who is the promotor of the ASC explaining the reasons why.

    Submitted by
    Terry O'Neill .....on 21/12 at 11:18 PM

    There are already a number of questions and comments about why there is no PI round.

    I had hoped to be announcing the 2006 ASC Calendar much earlier then this. If tis had happened then I would have had the chance to explain why the series is heading in a number of directions. One of the those important inclusions is the Tasmanian round and running it the week prior to the MotoGP. WIth these two events one week apart then there is only one trip south for those classes who are running at both events. Plus it allows us to promote the Tas round along with the MotoGP. This is a great advertising opportunity for the series. I am negotiating with a number of parties to get reduced travel costs for ASC competitors vehicles. Those negotiations will not be finished until early next year, so don't rush out just yet and book your Ferry trip until I have finalised any deals that can be had.

    The decision to not have a stand alone Phillip Island round was mine no one elses. M.A want one there for all the right reasons and I have argued against it for all the right reasons.

    I accept that this will not be a popular decision in some quarters it is none the less one that had to made for good reason.

    The Phillip Island round because of a number of factors, even when the weather is good and there are good crowds as it had this year, loses many many tens of thousands of dollars for the series. This is money that could be spent on increasing advertising for the whole series or improving the series in many other ways that are needed or by keeping entry fees down.

    To get the PI round to a similar financial position to a round which was run at a number of other circuits in the series I would either need to find a very generous benefactor (highly unlikely) or I would need to increase entry fees to the PI round by over $400 + per entry. Or there is the option to spread the loss out across all 7 rounds by increasing entry fees by approx $60 per entry.
    While everyone loves racing there, just as I really enjoy having a race meeting there, I don't believe to many people would want to pay in excess of $850 (plus garaging costs) for a Phillip Island entry fee, or as I said, have their entry fees increase by another $60 for every one of the 7 rounds.

    There are discussions underway between AUSCO and the GP Corporation regarding having the MotoGP as a point scoring round for the first time. As soon as this is finalised one way or the other there will be an announcement by AUSCO.

    I am being open and honest with everyone so as all competitors know why this decision has been made. As I said it may not be popular with everyone but unless everyone wants to pay substantially more in entry fees then something had to change and someone had to stand up take the flack and make this decision.

    Terry O'Neill

    Is this the begining of the end of non GP bike racing at Phillip Island :-k