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2006 AFL Footy Season Tips

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by magpies03, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Eyy guys,
    just like to get everyones tips for this years footy season so please answer the following questions:

    1) Who will win the Premiership?
    2) Who will win the brownlow?
    3) Who do u barrack for?
    4) Who will win the wooden spoon?

    My tips:

    1) Collingwood
    2) Nathan Buckley
    3) Collingwood
    4) Carlton:p
  2. 1) Swans
    2) Barry Hall
    3) Swans
    4) Hawthorn
  3. 1) St Kilda/Geelong
    2) Chris Judd
    3) Collingwood
    4) Carlton
  4. 1) Geelong
    2) Cameron Ling
    3) Essendon
    4) Port Adelaide
  5. 1) Sydney
    2) Scott West
    3) Bulldogs
    4) Carlton
  6. 1) Someone
    2) Couldn't care less
    3) Not worth my time
    4) Some team I don't barrack for
  7. You are kidding Collingwood will fade into the background once Sir Eddie leaves Melbourne and not a moment too soon :p

    Port Adelaide
    Nick Reiwoldt
    Carlton :LOL: :LOL:
  8. I never knew we shared the same passion for the sport, actually it's not true i enjoy grand final day, as it's a good reason to sit around and drink piss and think that, the footy is over for another year (bring back the cricket) :grin:
  9. 1) Who will win the Premiership: St Kilda
    2) Who will win the brownlow: Luke Ball
    3) Who do u barrack for: St Kilda
    4) Who will win the wooden spoon: Collingwood
  10. Yes I am very passionate about football...... as in i hate it with a passion

    I used to be keen on the cricket but even that has lost its appeal over the last 10 years or so.

    as for footbrawl. can't stand it..... i think i may have watched abou 20 minutes of a game at some stage but it was never for me.

    Grand final day is ok as long as i'm not forced to watch the match while drinking....Fastest way to spoil a good drink!
  11. 1) west coast/port adelaide 2)no one from port adelaide 3)port adelaide 4)collingwood .In the footy dictionary colling -wood means (dense wood )which is perfect for spoons of wood or just dense :p :p :p
  12. 1) CROWS
    2) Andrew McLeod
    3) CROWS
    4) Collingwood

    @drew... why even post here then?? :-k
  13. Mate all I can say is....................

    GIVE UP THE DRUGS.................Drugs are BAD mmmmkay :wink:

    Cheers :cool:
  14. CARNA A ROOS :grin:

    18 odd daqys to the pre season stuff WOOO HOOO

    Cheers :cool:
  15. At last a man with true vision. :wink:

    Come gather all ye faithfull. :p We will win. :p We are the best. :p

    Go Pies. :p
  16. Flag: Eagles (kangaroos :grin: )
    Brownlow: Daniel Wells
    Barrack: Kangaroos
    Spoon: Hawthorn
  17. Is Buckley even gonna play this year? Besides all the injuries he is just to old to continue playing.

    1) Who will win the Premiership? St Kilda
    2) Who will win the brownlow? Chris Judd
    3) Who do u barrack for? Brisbane Lions
    4) Who will win the wooden spoon? Collingwood
  18. Aah bring it on! Does anyone on here run a tipping comp?

    For what its worth

    Flag - St Kilda
    Brownlow - Brett Delidio
    My Team - Cwood
    W Spoon - Freo
  19. Crows
    Graham Johncock
  20. fcuking eddiewood supporters. no matter how many of them you run over, they just keep on bloody breeding dont they :p :p

    for what its worth:
    1- sainters (come on, surely they're due for it!)
    2- some pansy that didn't hit enuff people during the season
    3- the mighty tiggers (9th place all the way - BOOYA! :LOL: )
    4- the collywobbles (and none more deserving either)

    and hooray for the cricket being over, god is ever merciful :p :p