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2006/2007 Cruisers

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BRD007, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Im looking for my first bike, and i am in the market to buy a cruiser.

    The cruisers that i am considering are:

    1. Yamaha XVS250 V-Star
    2. Suzuki VL250 Intruder
    3. Kawazaki EL250 Eliminator

    What im looking for in my first cruiser bike is I want it to look good, have as much power as a high end 250cc cruiser can have, be reliable mechanically, and just be an allround fun and comfortable bike to ride.

    Any thoughts and Suggestiona will be much appriciated and thanks for your time in advance.
  2. Kawasaki for the win. it looks boss and goes hard :)

    Where are you located? I'm probably going to upgrade soon to a naked sports .. I'm in Brisbane ..
  3. Im located in Sydney, do you think the Kawazaki has more grunt then the Suzuki?
  4. Kwaka every time! :grin:
  5. Not really that relavant mate, it's a 250 and a cruiser it will be pretty gutless, have a squizz at teh hyosung 650 cruiser. A bit of grunt and then get it unrestricted after your confidence [restrictions :wink: ] are up. Now that has grunt!
  6. On paper the Kwaka is the win out of those bikes, but as Matty said, you are in Sydney, so you have teh ability to extend into the LAMS range not just a 250
  7. check out the 650 v-star too (LAMS approved) :)
  8. I dont want to get a 650cc cruiser for a first bike, cause i'm new to riding and want to start off small(250cc).

    I know that the 250cc cruisers haven't got much grunt but i wanted to know within the 250cc cruisers which one has more power and reliability and is a big and comfortable bike.

    Not every manufacturer builds there engines the same way.

    I had a chance to see the Yamaha XV250 Virago and the bike feels a bit too small for me.

    I sat on the Suzuki VL250 Intruder 2007 and the size was allright, but does this bike meet the standards that im looking for. Also this bike is a bike that looks nice with its black and chrome bodywork.

    Any and all advise would be great cause im still a newb with bikes.
  9. Hi BRD007 .

    Mate the 650cc yammi looks big and feels big ,but after a few days or even hours you will feel at home.
    You might think the 650's is going be a rocket ,it's not ,and it will only go as fast as you want it to go.
    If you and a mate brought bikes the same day ,your mate getting a 250cc and you getting a 650 yammi.
    By the end of the first week ,he would be running rings around you on the twisty roads .
    But after 3 weeks he would be over the 250 ,and you would be running rings around him ,because your got a 650cc and will be happy with it for 12 months ,not 2 months.
    Get a 650 if you can .
    Get it delivered to your house ,ride around the block for a week and take your time ,after a few weeks you'll be happy you got the bigger bike.
  10. If i was to get a 650cc cruiser, which one do you recommend that will be comfortable, and an allround reliable ride.
  11. Im not 100% up to date with the LAM cruisers ,but the yammi 650 Vstar is LAMS and the Hyosung 650 is LAMS there might be others.
    But you can't really go wrong with the yammi ,you can get a good second hand one ,look after it ,and resell 12 months later will out losing to much cash on your leaner bike.

    Go out and sit on the bikes 250 and 650 ,see what feels best ,but don't be sceard of the extra weight and the bigger number on the side of the bike.
  12. What do you think about the Hyosongs for reliability, are they as reliable and good as the Yamaha or is it a cheap version.
  13. For me ,reliability is NUMBER 1 on my list ,last thing i want is to be worryed abit it braking down and be with out a bike ,and worse off ,be stuck out in the country ,scratching my head how im going get it home.
    Heard good and bad about the HYO ,but the yammi has the years behind it ,and it's one of the brands you can count on to get you home 99% of the time.
  14. The yamaha is sounding pretty good to me at this point of time. Do you know of any Dealers that might have the 250cc and the 650cc yamaha's available and if there is a way for me to test ride both of them to pic the one right for me. By the way I live in the Liverpool area so pretty much South West Sydney.
  15. Go down to bikebiz at parra ,they noramly have a few second hand bikes 250cc and the 650cc ,yammi ,hyo,kawi ,................
    And if you want a new one they have the yammi and the hyo ,so you can compare them one after the other.
  16. I was thinking about getting a newer model but now im not too sure, i might start off with a 1998+ model, depending on what I like.

    Thanks for you help, much appriciated.

    When i get the bike i'll post up some pics.