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2005 yamaha r6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Ninja03, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Eyy guys just got back from looking at a yamaha r6. The bike comfotable when i sat on it however ive heard some reviews say the r6 can get cramped for a taller guy. im 6'3. The other bike i was looking at was the gsxr600. can anyone shed some light on either of these two bikes which one would be more comfortable and better for the street?

  2. Comfort is going to vary from person to person. Best bet would be to test ride both and make your choice from there.
  3. were there many changes between the 2005 r6 and the recent model yamahas like the 06 and 07?
  4. In my humble opinion, (and i may be wrong), i reckon a fella at 6 foot 3 tall will feel cramped on anything after about 45 minutes on the bike.

    If you are just doing city riding then i believe that the Honda's and Kawasaki's are a little taller for bigger blokes. If your doing stuff slightly longer distance i dont recommend a sports bike at all.

    I personally used to own a GSXR600 and i was as cramped as buggery on it. I am 6 foot 2 and weight around 110kg. I would get off after an hour with sore wrists, back and shoulders. I now ride a Yamaha XJR1300, which is a naked bike, has a SHITLOAD of grunt which i can use at the traffic lights better and i sit up nearly straight, so when i go for longer rides i feel heaps better when i get off.

    If you've got your heart set on a sportie then go for it, bit if your minds not fully made up, go have a look at the other alternatives that may suit your frame better.

    Just my 2 cents.
  5. They both fail in terms of comfort. At your height you're not going to find a 600 designed for you. For this reason I suggest going for whichever gets you more excited, gives you the best chance of not caring about comfort.

    If comfort is paramount then I'd suggest avoiding sportsbikes and go for gsx650f/er6f/svs/fz6/etc etc. assuming you want ~600cc that is.

    Personally in that year/class I'd go the zx6r as its supposed to be more accomodating for taller folk, plus its freaking hot and has more accessible power for the road (636cc).

  6. thanks for the response guys:)

    appreciate it!
  7. Mate, the only way you are going to know is by riding.

    Each bike is different and every person has different length arms, torso, legs etc etc. What suits one person may be horrible for someone else and so on.

    So go down to a few dealers and bike whore around a bit. :cool:
  8. i'm 6'2 and around 120 depending on the week. in that area I found none of the 600s comfy for my build (yes im hawt). The Triumph 675's felt better and the gsxr750 was very comfy in a sportish kind of way.
  9. For me at 6' 5" (in the morning) I found the CBR600 the most comfy to ride. ZX636 just did not suit me, my legs are too long for the triumph, GSXR K5 was a good fit. Never rode an R6.

    2001 GSXR750 was a good size.

    Naked bikes do suit us big blokes better though.
  10. im about 6 foot 2 95 kilo, no problems here on my R6
  11. A couple. The newer models have a slipper clutch (very useful on the track), wider bore/shorter stroke (higher revs) and higher compression ratio leading to more peak power (about 7 HP). They are also probably a few kg heavier (euro emissions equipment).
  12. +1 to ZX6R, I'm 6'2" and when I was looking for a new bike the ZX6R was the most comfortale comparing to others. Comfort wise I prefer the 2008 model vs 2009 as it offers more leg room, haven't tried older models though.

    But I think at the end of the day, you need to go out and sit on all of them and deside for yourself, a bike that is comfy for me may not be a good fit for you.
  13. 05 was the last of the old model which retained some degree of real world useability. 06 was the first of the new, much more track focused model with its sky-high redline and nothing below it. Then Yamaha started to make some changes to put some semblance of mid-range into their engine, until in 09 "Bike" testers could triumphantly announce it was now almost as useable on the road as the Thundercat (Yamaha's old 600cc bike from mid/late nineties, for those who might not remember).

    Horay for progress.
  14. I am dead on 6 foot, I wouldn’t want to be any taller on the R6
    The irony being I wouldn’t want to be much shorter.
    When you are trying to put a foot down it is fairly tall to the saddle, but once you get all tucked up… Well I have my Arse hard up against backstop, and my knees hard locked up, to get positioned.
    So if you want to do long runs then I think the R6 will be a bit cramped.
  15. ive sat on the cbr and zx6r and i reckon that the cbr600 is more comfortable for me (5' 11'') but the zx6r has tonnes more room and is generally a bigger bike.

    i sat on both the 08 and 09 zx6r's and the 09 definitely has a better seating position. the windshield on the 08 zx blocks the view of the dash and gets excessively annoying. it also has a racier seating position. the 09 is slightly more comfy with oodles of leg room but a shorter reach to the bars, with a great view of the dash.

    for a tall feller i think kwakas are the go. im just not so sure about that 07 - 08 model. the zx636's are apparently meant to be great too. i think they were around about 03 - 06 or something like that. have a look around at them, cause they will probably bring you more joy than r6's and cbr's. cant comment on the gsxrs though
  16. I understand in 06 the R6 got a lot 'angrier' in every respect and is very much a track oriented machine. That said I've still heard and read great things about the 05 R6 and have been looking at a few myself.
  17. Ninja 636, midrange punch ftw.

    Look better than most and from what I remember, quite roomy.

    (Been a couple years since I rode one)