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2005 Suzuki Boulevard C50 - Oil light and User Manual PDF

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by NZKiwi, May 4, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone, recently purchased a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard C50 second-hand and love it, absolutely love it....

    Have a few questions though...
    1. It has the cobra exhaust fitted and backfires (is this normal or is this a issue with the bike when I slow down on the motorway)

    2. Does anyone have a PDF version of the user manual?

    3. The oil light - comes on when I turn the bike on i.e. red with the words Check, but when I start the bike, both the words and light disappear. So, question is, does check mean 'to check' or does check mean 'oil level has been checked'... As I don't have user manual, not sure what the light means...

    Apart from that, I love it....only issue is no 6th gear, coming down the motorway today at 110 with the cobra pipes sounds like the bike is dying.

    Any help welcomed..

  2. 1 - You need to get your fuel mix/carby adjusted. A good mechanic will be able to fix this for you.

    2 - Search the net or find a Forum for your specific bike.

    3 - No issues. When bikes go to "igntion on" they run a series of checks and all the lights should light up. When the engine starts they should all go out.
  3. I have the M50 ,it's the same bike just different fenders.

    The "check" comes on all the time ,when starting .

    Turn on the kill switch ,and lift the side stand and the "check" light will go out but the red light stays on till you start it.

    Google "c50 forums" there is heaps of info on the pipes and what to do.
    Not sure on the manual ,I have been looking for one.
  4. I have a copy of the full factory manual, but in paper.
    Can copy the pages relevant if that will help, but it deals with std stuff only,

    Backfiring is usually a result of the ECU not being able to cope with the mods, in this case, a less restrictive exhaust.

    An aftermarket ECU add on will help, a PCIII will definitely cure it, a TFI is cheaper (lots) and will probably cure it.

    I have heard that disconnecting the PAIR valve will also stop the backfiring from happening.

    On my M50, I drilled the std pipes, modded the intake and added a TFI unit. result, better performance, more noise, and smooth running.
    It also cured the snatch when rolling the throttle on from closed.
  5. Thanks everyone..

    Thanks everyone,

    My bike is being serviced tomorrow so will mention the backfiring to them...

    Also, your right about the light going out, thanks...