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2005 R6 Track Bike

Discussion in 'Archived' started by carpetbelly, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. Putting this up on behalf of a good friend of mine... Would be tempted myself if I didnt wanna go for a cafe racer down the line hehe

    For sale is a 2005 R6 ex-supersports race bike. The bike obviously has had a few spills before, but has been fixed and straightened proper. Mechanically brilliant and with all the mods is super quick. Straightness checked out by David/Laurie Alderton.

    - Mupo italian front fork full cartridge kit (http://www.mupo.it/moduli/prodotto_eng.aspx?ID=11&c=8&p=48)
    - Mupo racing rear shock with high-speed compression dial (http://www.mupo.it/moduli/prodotto_eng.aspx?ID=11&c=8&p=48)
    - YEC racing harness & ECU
    - PowerCommander 3
    - Leo Vince SBK full system
    - Hyperpro steering damper
    - Gilles GP clipons & screw-on barends
    - Gilles as31gt adjustable rearsets
    - LSL frame sliders (the plastic bit now looks rough after a low side..)
    - TechSpec tank grips
    - Brand new DID 520 chain & sprockets
    - Dunlop Q2s just 1 track day old with the long nipple lookin things still all over the tires...

    The bike is in Russell Lea, NSW. $5500.
    Serious buyers only call Calvin on 0405 545 978.

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  2. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh looks awesome :(
  3. won't be long before Azncruiser is all over this thread...
  4. looks nice! good luck
  5. He can buy mine :)
  6. well, my friends just put it on ebay with a starting price of $4900 and no reserve to finish on the 25th sept.
  7. well, it's now going for $4500... After a quick sale...
  8. ohhhhhhhh man that price :(
  9. That is SOO CHEAP! I've got eye on another atm but this is reallly tempting me.

    I'll just need to look into what armature racing classes it would fit into before I get too exited
  10. locked some cash away 3 weeks ago in a term deposit so was crunching some numbers today. i might be able to afford this come payday if i go the rest of the month without leaving home or eating :(

  11. this can be closed... My friends away at the moment but I've had an email from him saying this bike has now been sold. Someone's going to be having fun with it fo' sure.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.