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2005 Le Minz 24 Hour Scooterthon

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by mr_sikma, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Hey,

    Does anyone have any pics from this?

    Had a look on google and not much came up...


    Interested to see some pics of the Jolie 50cc.

  2. one of the scooter mags.. issue #4 of ?? (the two wheels sister mag) I think had a big write up on it.. will check the issue number when I get home.. unless someone else has a copy handy??
  3. No safety gear is worn in order to save weight! :p

    They sould wear swim caps instead of helmets ;)
  4. dunno about the safety gear, but I remember the article saying they all strripped off the centre stand for cornering at the first pit stop
  5. yeah issue 6 had a small write up

    i just wanted some better pics
  6. :shock: They didn't think of doing that beforehand??
  7. The event is coming up soon, not sure if I'm running a MadAss or TGB scooter yet.
  8. how did you get to race?

    the madd ass is a 4-stroke hay? looks cool tho!
  9. yeah, one team.. who had the little jolie that was factory entered, was fully suped up, and had no stands at all (from memory)...

    I think all the others were private entries? So it probably didn't occur to them

    It surprised me that some scooters weren't derestricted before the race
  10. I am friends with the promoters, plus we are the importers for Sachs & TGB, we have bikes competing. I didn't ride last year; maybe this year.

    Yeh the MadAss is a fourstroke (all fourstroke 50's are very slow), it won the 50cc fourstroke class at last years LeMinz 24 hour.
  11. They have restricted and derestricted classes.
  12. Do you have to have a drivers licence to be in this?? Train up some 10-12 year old rider and use his weight advantage :p
  13. You don't have to have a licence, I'll ask the boss if he'll loan a scooter for a Team Netrider and we'll get three light weight girls to ride and we'll all come down for support.
  14. Southern Cross Promotions presents the 2006 Le Minz 24 Hour Scooterthon.

    2006 Le Minz 24 Hour Scooterthon will once again be held at the Grand Prix Training Centre (GPTC) Sth Morang Victoria, Race beginning 2pm Tuesday 12th – 2pm Wednesday 13th September 2006.

    The timing of the event is perfect for pre-exposure to the 2006 Australian Motorcycle Expo, Melbourne Oct 6-8, Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre. This will create a great deal of anticipation leading up to the Moto GP, which is held just a few days later at Phillip Island.

    2005 racing was a great test for machine and man plus women, the final result proved not only the reliability of all brands of scooters, but just how fuel efficient and economic they are to run.

    2005 saw a total of 16 bikes from 7 brands compete, a mixture of teams and individuals rode the track, 2 world records were set including 1 Guinness world record with Mark Brown of Browns Grafix aboard a Yamaha Aerox 50 unrestricted travel a whopping 928 Km within the allowed time limit.

    50cc Stock Restricted = Total Stock bikes only stands must be removed
    50cc Unrestricted = Bike must remain stock, stand must be removed and also restrictor may be removed, no other changes are permitted
    50cc Super Modified = The entire bike may be modified with only the original faring being stock along with a maximum 50cc engine fitted.
    Teams = All teams racing this year must have no more than 3 riders and are only permitted to ride, Stock or unrestricted scooters. No teams will be riding Super Modified scooters.

    Already many manufacturers have confirmed there positions for the 2006 event, and why wouldn’t you, the riders love it, it’s a great test for the scooters and promotes all the good benefits of riding these great modes of transport.

    Please contact SCP Administration on scpromotions@optusnet.com.au or 03 9734 1685 for more information.
  15. Well folks I've read this thread and have decided that this is a totally irresponsible event that will only perpetuate the evil scourge of scooter riding. I’m lucky, I saw the light and was smart enough to cancel my order for a Sachs Madass, as apparently it will kill me within 30 seconds of me getting my ass on it. I go further; scooters are so awesomely dangerous that I think we need to be prepared for appalling casualties in the very near future.

    Oh my Dog, I’ve just realized that today is June 6th 2006…..666 the day is upon us!! We must act now or scooters will destroy the human race. I propose that Subiaco oval be used as a temporary mortuary, as we are bound to run out of space in the normal ones. And what about body bags? do we have enough body bags? I hear that there will be scooters hunting hapless unlicensed prey everywhere, what can we do I ask you. Well, we could post snipers in bell towers and church steeples, and cleanly take out anybody dealing in these weapons of mass destruction, come to think of it, how are we going to keep them out of the hands of terrorists huh? Just think of the carnage if Al Qaeda started flogging cheap scooters to the infidels!!! Oh my Dog.....the end is nigh....the four horsemen of the apocalypse are coming......riding their demonic steeds, Bolwell, Vespa, Vmoto, and Sachs.
  16. Hmmmm :? what can I say?
  17. I can't believe you're speechless, Blossom...

    [EDIT] Can't spell, can't punctuate.
  18. But I can always count on you Cliffy when I am :wink:
  19. Now now Petal....
  20. Lucky I quoted you B4 you could change it :wink: :p