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2005 KTM Superduke

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Bamm-Bamm, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. Well the time has come for me to move on from the love of my life...so I'm selling my 2005 KTM Superduke.

    I bought her brand new in 2007 as a runout model. She has been a brilliant everyday bike, tour, commute or go scratching on the weekends she does it all. The thing I love the most about this bike is it makes a ham fisted hack like me look good, it truly does flatter a rider as it is so easy to change direction, is extremely stable and has excellent drive off the corners.

    The bike has the following features...

    990cc V Twin (Dynoed @ 115hp)
    WP Suspension front and rear
    Brembo brakes
    Braided Lines
    Magura Tapered Bars

    I have also done some mods including

    Motohooligan Custom Billet Alloy Airbox $500
    Grave Motorsport Carbon & Titanium pipes $1500
    Hi Flow K&N Filter $140
    Re-mapped ECU $375
    Rebuilt suspension F & R $950
    Immobliser/Alarm Fitted $450
    Oberon Performance clutch slave $175
    Pazzo Levers $200

    ALL original parts will be included with the sale.

    so here are the details

    2005 KTM Superduke (The original hairy chested version!)
    VIC Reg till late NOV 2011
    Bucket load of Mods
    60,XXX k's
    Brand new Dunlop Q2's f & r
    Brand new SBS brake pads front
    $8,500 ono

    Test rides available to those bringing a suitable amount of cold hard cash.(Bike is in Melbourne)

    A great opportunity for those who prefer the finer things in life but have a budget! As you can see from the pictures I look after my bikes!

    on with the pics!(more available on request)

  2. Awesome Specimen.

    I'm sure you wont have a problem finding a buyer.

    what do you plan on getting next ?
  3. Looks awesome mate, if i decide to drop the R1 for a road bike and track bike combo this'll be the one, (if its still around!)

    best of luck mate!
  4. I presume there is a pic of it.... but for some reason I cant see it? Anyone else having this issue?
  5. I know this bike and I've had the pleasure of riding it. You can be confident that this beast is in immaculate condition and is a well loved and cared for baby. With the cans he's running the first person to hear it will cream their pants and buy it, without a doubt.

    I love this bike :)
  6. Sheeeeeeet! That is my dream bike right there! If that hasn't been snapped up in three weeks time I'll be ringing you!
  7. stu_h,

    Took a new R1 for a ride yesterday but didn't really do it for me... riding position a bit too focused on the track me thinks.

    Hopefully taking a 2009 RC8 for a test ride sometime this week, will see what it's like it probably makes the most sense due to adjustability of seat, bars and pegs etc but proof is in the pudding.

    Failing that a new CBR1000RR will probably be on the cards, borrowed a mates for a couple of weeks and it was very impressive, even managed a ride of 1000k's over 2 days...granted I was well knackered when I got home but ride fitness will help with that.


    Just get in contact when you are ready, you never know I may still have her in 3 weeks


    You should buy her... retire the old warhorse:D
  8. Tempted mate, I giggled the whole time I was on her. She's a bit cheeky (y)
  9. Keith is this bike on the mid level at PS? If not must be somebody elses as I think I saw it there, looked very clean and schmick.

    I think Ktm makes bikes which are ergonomically better suited for tall people. If you don't like the rc8 then I'll give my vote the cbr as it suited you well.
  10. I'd be amazed if you do - I'm off to the UK on Thursday but will be tracking this thread in my absence ;)

    I don't even want to offer you good luck with the sale ha ha!
  11. Argh! I wish you'd been selling this 6 months ago, I would have taken it off your hands with a smile :(
  12. I'm another one offering a thumbs up on this bike.

    It's in awesome condition, although a little high for the vertically challenged like me (bam bam did have many giggles watching me slide off one side when we had to stop at lights) it was fantastic to ride and can stop on a 10c piece (my vajayjay knows all about it after a 4wd did a uturn directly in front of me)
  13. sex on wheels!!

    good luck on the sale!
  14. Thanks for the best wishes guys and gals. I'm talking to a few interested parties at the moment but of course the winner is the one who comes up with the cash:D

    On the subject of potential upgrades I have crossed another bike off my list...

    I so wanted to love the RC8, love the look, love my KTM's and was hooked on the adjust-ability...who would have thunk it a comfy sportsbike!

    Alas it was not to be, I took a 2nd hand one with 500k's for a run on Sat morning and was left a bit underwhelmed really.

    I thought I would be like riding a Superduke on steroids but with clip ons and fairings, unfortunately it was nothing of the sort. Clunky gearbox, agricultural motor and rock hard suspension were a fair turn off. In addition I think a few of the alleged 155 horses were on sick leave. It was linear but it didn't seem to make any power.

    There were some positives though, it was very comfortable (except the seat digs into your thighs at a stop), the brakes are dynamite and the turn in and change of direction is brilliant. The only problem is that at $18k, the R1, CBR etc make a better road bike and for much less money.

    Even though I tried I didn't like the bike on the road, that being said where ride comfort and those other issues aren't so important I have no doubt that the RC8 would be a wicked track bike!
  15. Damn Keith! Why do u always have to sell your stuff when I'm broke!
  16. Sounds like the whole bike was sick - they do move.
  17. Give ya $8 bucks and i'll let you slap me in the face once for free but thats it!
  18. Bike is SOLD!!!

    Mods please close this\\:D/
  19. So now the most important question - what have you decided on for the new bike?

  20. Ohh I know now - It's a red one (and black) so clearly it goes fast! Inappropriate clothing at the time meant I couldn't test the theory (Bam bam was pretty busy with some other stuff at the time so I cold have even made a clean get away :p)
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