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2005 KTM Superduke 990cc For sale in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Archived' started by discostu_001, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm packing up shop and heading overseas, unfortunately the 23kg weight limit wont let me take my beloved bike.

    I've got a 2005 KTM Superduke 990cc with 32,000k's on the clock that needs to go before i go!


    2005 KTM Superduke
    Great bike all round, never missed a beat and is an unbelievable ride. Receives new oil every 3000km's. Never dropped or crashed and never been to a track day. Owned and enjoyed by an experienced rider.

    Purchased from Perth 2.5 years ago from a BMW dealership, Its the most fun on two wheels to be had.

    • Akrapovic Exhaust System with map (baffles included)
    • 17 tooth front sprocket (Includes spare 16 tooth front sprocket - sportier downlow...)
    • 70% 190/17 Pilot power rear
    • 60% Sportsmax front + Spare 80% Pilot power front
    • Carbon fibre tank saver
    • All documents
    • KTM toolkit
    • Rego ends in August
    • Comes with RWC

    Inspections welcome in South Melbourne or Frankston South.

    $8,800.00 - Price dropped!

    PM for more pics, or call (0402 263 320) to have a chat.

    Thanks, Stuart.

    Images below;

    More Pics ::

  2. Mate,
    That's an awesome price for an awesome bike !
    Best of luck with the sale, and with your move overseas (y)
  3. Thanks man, it's been great fun. Haven't had much interest as yet which is strange. i guess it doens't have enough plastic ;)

    It needs to go soon though.
  4. Hi guys, i've dropped the price to $9,000!

    Buzzzzzzz me on 0402 263 320 or pm me for more details. Leaving for OS very soon, make me a reasonable offer.
  5. Righteo, i'm off then.

    Bike is still for sale, but viewing it will have to wait until mid May 8-[

  6. Hasta Lavista.

    Have fun.
  7. Back in Melbourne now, anyone interested please let me know via email, PM or mobile 0402 263 320

    $9000 firm incl RWC
  8. price dropped to $8,800
  9. farken temptation ey...and it's already got the Akra's

    :cry: 6 months till restrictions end
  10. Congratulations mate !!!
    We all knew this bike was too horn to be sticking around for too long (y)
    One very lucky new owner !

    As bike is SOLD, thread now closing.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.