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2005 Honda VTR1000F - Firestorm

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  1. Steve Vtec submitted a new Showcase Item:

    2005 Honda VTR1000F - Firestorm

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  2. Nice,
    although I've never owned one, I have always liked the nice rumble from the pipes.
  3. Yeah i was going to rip the baffles out and let it growl a bit more but I feel so lucky to have picked this bike up in such good condition, so might leave the stock pipes as they are and get on the hunt for some aftermarket ones. I heard some blue flame pipes on a vtr1000 the other day that were incredible. So deep!
  4. Noice bike.
    Starting to be a bit of a cult bike although I always thought of mine as the poor mans Ducati, but with more reliability!

    A set of pipes really bring out that awesome v twin rumble and jetted to suit adds some extra grunt.
  5. Cheers mate.
    Lined up a beautiful set of blueflame twin outlet stainless pipes from England but those ones are £404 for the pair plus about £80 for postage so will try danmoto first and see how we go... For a hundred bucks it won't suck too much if they're no good. I don't think I like the look of them but I'll see what they're like on the bike and have a blat for a few weeks with the new noise and see how it goes...
  6. Gotta love a Firestorm.
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