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2005 Honda CBR600F/F4i Sydney

Discussion in 'Archived' started by RacingTurtles, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. This is one of those 'strange' 2005 vintage CBRs that appear identical to F4i but are actually F's. It has only 11,000-something kms on it - absolutely genuine, I bought it with only 8,000 on the clock and put just over 3,000kms on it in a little over a year ... which is one reason why I'm selling it. It's a great bike, but I have little time and opportunities to use it as I tend to do most of my commuting on a scooter.

    Rego runs out in a couple of weeks, on 15/4/11.

    This bike was pushed over by some f***t while parked so it has a small scratch on the fairing.

    Most recent service was done at 10,000 kms and tires were changed at that time.

    I am in Sydney (Newtown area). Inspection can be arranged, test rides only on the following simple terms: you hand in the full amount in cash and you keep the bike if it comes in condition any different to the one it left in.

    I am asking $7,500 and it is not negotiable. So no offers thanks - if I don't get that price, I'll just keep it for another year. Seeing as bikes of that vintage and with more miles go for 8,000 and above on bikesales, I think it is a fair price.


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  2. Just remember that the bikes on Bikesales are still for sale so the price is only a fair price if you can sell the bike.

    If you need to sell the bike for the price you are asking then you might find that you have to wait a while so have a look at Redbooks and they'll give you an idea of what the bike is worth and you might find lowering the price by a small amount gets it sold quicker!

    Good luck.
  3. Redbook doesn't have an entry for CBR600F for later years but F4i from 2005 are valued at up to 7,900 so I'm still well within the range. So thanks for the advice, not that I recall asking for it.
  4. Pardon me for breathing!
  5. LOL I reckon. It was only a friendly suggestion after all :-O

    Good luck with the sale, not that you asked for it. Just remember that after another year the bike will depreciate in value.
  6. I dont think he wants your opinion:-s
  7. Propilot?

    Is that you? I thought they got you!!!
  8. Good luck with your sale mate, I've just brought myself the same bike, and absolutley love it. You are on the money for what you are asking.
    good luck
  9. Let's see some pictures of your ride.
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