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2005 GSXR1000 for only $6000 - good price?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Nucleotide, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. I've got the opportunity to purchase a 2005 GSXR1000 for $6000 with 1 years reg.

    It's done 10,000k's and apparently in excellent condition. I haven't seen the bike myself and probably wont until mid to late February.

    Personally, I think this is a damn good price but I'm curious what others think?
  2. got service history ? ownership history? been flogged or worshipped? check to make sure not a repairable writeoff. thats 1000 per year worth of kms..
  3. :-s Doesnt by chance belong to some bloke that just
    'has no time to ride it'
    'works on an oil rig'
    'never home inOz'
    'is stationed overseas in Timor (military)
    ' can only supply you with photos'
    'cant deliver till God knows When'
    'could arrange courier I s'pose'
    'you can pay upfront and have it delivered' Wow!!

    Be careful mate..........there are low mileage bikes around but that seems excessively low for a gixxer
  4. Sorry, I should have mentioned above that it's actually a trade-in. I work for a car dealership and we have paid the owner around $9000 for it as a trade-in against a new vehicle but I can get it for $6000. So it's probably worth closer to $11/12000 private I would say?

    That said, I don't know much about the GSXR and just wanted to know if this was a good price/about right, bloody cheap or otherwise. To me, $6000 for a bike like this is bloody good but I just wanted to be sure before forking out $$$.
  5. Buy it,

    if you don't like it sell and make a profit.
  6. check bike sales.
    If its legit and the bike is good it seems like a a good buy
  7. Wanna borrow a calculator Goddie?
    Or would you lend me $10000? I'll pay you back $1000 a year for 6 years...
  8. err, $6k to buy, 10000 on clock over a period 6 years, I meant avg travelled of 1k [kms] per year for 6 years. I should have been more specific.

    Why would a trader PAY $9 then sell at $6?? Unless of course the 'sale' item has 100% mark up??

    At that price $6k, tis a bargain basement price...
  9. This all sounds fishy an 05 isnt worth $9 k as a trade in.
  10. What do you think it's worth then?
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  12. I'd expect to pay 8-10k (10k being pretty fuggin mint, low km) for one in private sale, personally. Def not 12k lol, but dealers always price shit out of the market imo.
  13. its probably 7.5 to 8 as a private sale. my point was that you don't get private sale prices if you trade they would probably be trading it at 6 or 5.

    makes mire sense then that they are giving it to you at 6.

    its a good price and if you want a 1000 its a good bike but your work isn't losing money on it.