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2005 GS500F for SALE!! Awesome Black Bike!!

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Actionman, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I know i've been a forum Lurker for a while, but i'm back and kicking.

    My Bike has served me well for several years now but it's time to let her go.

    Bike will be supplied with 1 year Rego, it's unregged atm but i'll blueslip it and rego plus greenslip it after a small deposit (Say $200).

    Thats a big bonus but means that my price is quite firm.

    The Price -
    I'm Asking $5400. That includes a year of rego and many extras.

    Offers lower than this will be carefully considered, feel free to try.

    You won't find a 2005 GS500F that looks as good as this.

    I had the Side fairings and Tail properly painted to match the front cowl. No it hasn't been 'crashed' but I did drop it in a carpark years ago. You probably will too (Learner?), which is why it's a shame I put so much effort into it, only to sell it.

    Well, until you drop it (hopefully you won't ;) ) It's the best looking and cared for GS500F I've seen around.

    A note about the klms, 45,XXX klms, This is not 'high' kilometers for a gs500, a weekend warrior bike you may find with much less klm sure, but chances are it's been thrashed. This bike has been ridden normally and well looked after.

    ● It's a GS500F!!
    ● Best LAMS bike (I'm prepared to argue so bring it!! [-( )
    ● Looks awesome, rides awesome.
    ● Good paint,
    ● Always garaged,
    ● Brand new battery,
    ● Moderate klms,
    ● Larger rear sprocket better acceleration,
    ● Slim indicators,
    ● Engineer port polished head added what feels like 4hp,
    ● Stainless custom Ventura rack mount- (mount only)
    ● Freshly painted headers (not ugly rust look like most GS's).
    ● 'Shorty' Yoshi RS3 Stainless muffler included, you could plumb it on for only about $100 of pipe bending.

    The bike comes with GEAR!!
    ● Armored Jacket Large mens (Joe Rocket)
    ● Armored Jacket Small womens
    ● 2 helmets if you want them (some hanger rash but never dropped)
    ● Spine protector (Rjays)
    ● Wet weather Jacket and Pants (Rjays)
    ● Boots and 2 pairs Gloves,
    ● Straps 'Andy straps'
    ● Dri-rider 2 piece magnetic Tank bag
    ● Large bag to store bike gear and other extras
    ● Spare air filters and Clutch Cable.

    Well over $1800 in extras

    ● Needs new rear tyre soon and probably front, (total $250-275).
    ● Scratch on standard muffler can, from carpark drop.
    ● Headlight High-beam switch not working but the High beam 'Trigger' works though. Meaning you can still flash people or hold the trigger for high beam.
    (the switch is part of the indicator switch assy, so it's $50 at a wreckers)

    Reason for Sale-
    Bought a car last year (Boo!) and my wife and I are moving. Space and financial contraints mean that our faithful steed is on the market.

    Even my wife is sad to see it go. ;(

    Didnt want to sell it and was going to re-register after we moved, but it ain't gonna happen.

    Now you can pickup a great, reliable bike with a full year of rego.

    Serious enquiries can sms me on 0403 281 591 - Peter.
    The bike is located on the Lower North Shore area (nearish Chatswood, Nth Sydney, Artarmon, etc)

    I check Net rider once daily (evenings)

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  2. Tell 'em the price, son!
  3. .....
  4. Meh - took me a few minutes to reply, in which time the OP was edited...
    Good price though with all those extras - shouldn't last long!
  5. Haha it took you 5 minutes to type 5 words.
    Definitely good price..
  6. I never said I was quick! Actually pressed "PostReply" and then went for a beer, then realised it's bin-night.
    Exciting times in Kogarah!
  7. I forgot to take out my recycling bin last night which is full so only the rubbish one was emptied. Some neighbours take the recycling one out every week despite it being picked up only fortnightly and make me lose track too.
  8. C'mon guys, i'm selling a bike not discussing rubbish... Shit, bin night too!! :bolt:
  9. Sorry AM, didn't mean to threadjack.
    'Tis a great-sounding deal too, best of luck with it.
  10. Price drop - $5000 ono
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