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2005 gpx250r wont start after slide

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by sparz, Jul 11, 2009.

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    Hey guys,

    I put up a thread in the 'vent section' about my little slide. Thought id post here for some help.

    I cant get my bike to start up. Ok, so when i try to start it, the bike makes a bzzzzz sound. Theres some brown caramel looking stuff around the front guard/radiator... which im guessing is coolant that spewed out, being old, hot, brown and sticky?

    Couple of days ago, it looked like the battery was flat. The lights faded out and the horn was fading, and eventually nothing would happen. I left the bike for a day or 2 and it seems like the battery has 'charged itself'??

    Do you think that clicking sound (when trying to start it) is because of the battery, or because something is wrong with the radiator?

    Yeah i dont know anything about bikes... just wondering if theres anything i should try myself before getting it towed to a mechanic. After the slide, and once i brought it home, i happened to start it once or twice, but then the next day it starting the bzzz/clicking sound.

    Iv taken the side fairings off, and everything there seems to be intact. There mustve been a small pebble that hit the radiator and kinda made a gap in it (in the photo)


    Heres a quick video of what i was talking about. Sorry about the terrible quality

  2. Sounds like a flat battery, or a loose connection.

    Check to fluid level in the battery, maybe you lost some in the slide.

    Charge the battery and put the terminals back on clean and tight.

    Keep us updated.
  3. thanks, i heard that you shouldnt jump start a motorbike using a car. My mate has a scooter battery, do you think this would be sufficient?

    id really have to check out the details of it first im guessing?
  4. sounds like the starter motor/starter clutch. there's a chance the bike is flooded, preventing the bike from cranking, pull the plugs and shine a torch into the cylinder to see if it's full of petrol.

    jumping the bike from a car is fine just don't have the car running when you do, sometimes the bike electronics doesn't like the extra power coming from a running car