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2005 GPX250R - Oil Leak - Gasket?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pengo, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. G'day

    Well after speaking to a mechanic who knows kawasakis, he named my problem spot on and mentioned something about a gasket need replacing near my coolant bottle on the left side of the bike.

    I've booked it in for him to make sure the leak is where think it is or otherwise fix where it is. Tho I'm wondering, if its just a gasket that needs replacing could this job be done by me? I build computers so I'm not totally dumb and can follow instructions. So yeah just wondering if I can save myself some time and money (this mechanic I'm going to to ensure I get problem fixed is in Brissy and I live on the GC) and replace this gasket myself.

    Basically whats happening is the oil is leaking out on the left side of the bike onto the left exhaust pipe and then noto the ground. Does anyone know which gasket and where it is that the mechanic is talking about? I looked at that ninja wiki, and the only gasket I could find relating to oil is the one for the sump plug and thats on the underside of the bike. So doesn't seem to fit into what the mechanic said (removing coolant bottle to get to it) and where the oil is leaking from.

    I guess I could remove the coolant bottle but from there I'm at a loss. I realy dont want to backyard mechanic it, unless of course what I'm doing is like an oil change (hard to **** it up). He also mentioned they need to drain the oil to fix this oil leak too which I found odd. Basically if its this gasket to fix it, its gong to cost me $160 and I read gaskets are <$1 and I already got new oil to do the oil change myself. Knowing this $160 seems a bit rich :-/ if its simply installing a new gasket and a oil change. I'm guessing most of the cost is in labour. Prolly charge me for 2hrs work, including time they sit around doing other shit while the oil drains.

    Doing a search here and readig other threads, could the gasket that is leaking oil is maybe the rock cover gasket? Does this require removal of the coolant bottle on the left side of the bike to get at it as well as draining the engine oil?

    nb: I'm pretty confident oil isn't coming out the airbox breather hose, as thats clean and not oily and like i said oil is dripping down left side of bike onto exhaust. No where near where this hose is. Plus its quite low on oil (can't see much oil when level thru the oil window). So its not like its overfull and getting sucked up into the airbox.
    If anyone could shed some light on this and elaborate on what the mechanic is possibly referring to, then I could do some more homework on this and maybe even service it myself.

  2. If it's leaking onto the exhaust then sounds like it's coming from high up on the engine which will be the gasket for the cylinder head cover. Not difficult to replace yourself if you know what you're doing since removing that cover is part of adjusting the valve timing (a regular service item). Whether or not you can or should depends on whether you're confident you know what you're doing, or whether you can live without the bike for a few days (or longer) if you stuff things up.

    Cost does sound about normal for 2 hours labour, which will be due to the fact you need to remove the bodywork and fuel tank to get at the engine properly.

    Edit: Oh and this page of the Ninja Wiki covers getting at and removing the cylinder head cover:
    (Obviously if you're not adjusting the valves then removing the alternator cover isn't necessary).
  3. Why would you need to drain the oil for this tho? Hmm I got a full tank of fuel in the bike too, I won't lose this fuel will I? Well I dont really have many workshop tools so I think I might just suck it up and get the mechanic to do it.

    I did have another mechanic do a service of the bike a few weeks ago, where I got him to do a carby balance. Would this not have included a valve clearance or anything to do with that part of the bike? So I guess he wouldn't have noticed anything?

    The mechanic I used then was recommended, but he was doing me a favour as he didn't normally work weekends and was feeling a bit ordinary the day of the service plus it was pretty hot. So I guess he was just interested in doing the basic service for me and getting home to lie down. So prolly why he didn't pick this up? Who knows.

    Thanks JD.
  4. Standard practice to drain the oil before working on an engine. If you know where all the engine oil is it reduces the likelihood of it going places you don't want it to.

    Ideally the valves should be checked before balancing the carbs. but that's no guarantee that they did. If you still have the receipt check to see whether you paid for a valve check/adjustment or not. Possible they may have damaged the gasket putting the cover back on which is why it is now leaking.
  5. Yeah I got a checklist of what was done in the service I'll check that.
  6. I wouldn't bother to drain oil first but to each their own. But to me sounds more like they add that so they can charge for an extra item.

    Replacing a gasket is easy. Unbolt the cover, replace gasket and rebolt the cover. The difficulty may be in undoing removing/replacing bits to get to it, depending on the bike.

    If they have undone the cover to check valves then they should have put it back so that it doesn't leak. If this is the case then they should fix it. But valve arne't normally checked for a minor service.