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2005 GPX 250 jolting around / cutting out

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by damien613, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. as thread says, my GPX 250 has started jolting around / cutting out as I ride and all this started after I stupidly static dropped it onto the left hand side (didnt put the stand out enough / correctly!)

    from what i could see the bar end and mirror seemed to take the brunt of the fall and only parts to receive a kiss from the concrete... however something else MUST have been damaged?? because up until the fall everything was fine...

    what could have been damaged that i should look for?? it's frustrating but I was semi close to home so had enough time to crawl it home and get my van to get to work...

    any ideas apreciated so when I get home tonight I can hopefully get it sorted out to be able to ride asap!

  2. Check your clutch maybe? There's a little button that may be damaged or out of place.
  3. thanks for the reply mate will check this when I get home - also found this on the ninja FAQ site -
    "My bike will run for a while, but keeps losing power and dying when I ride it.

    This indicates tight valves. It dies at low RPMs, but will continue to run if the throttle is opened.

    Take the bike in and have the valves adjusted (or do it yourself) before you do real damage to the motor. "

    could this be another thing to look at, and could this be caused by the bike simply taking a fall??

    the description of the bike running, losing power and dying is what is happening for me...
  4. Check your choke cable and make sure it's not stuck on, that would cause your engine to jolt and cut out.

  5. excellent, appreciate all the replies.
    I've also been told perhaps oil / fuel could have gotten into the air filter when the bike dropped?? another thing I'll check as soon as I get home...

    once again thank you for replying, since finding this site everyone on here has been a massive help so hopefully one day once I've accumulated some riding experience I can help others out also.
  6. can you post your results back, im interested :p
  7. it ended up being what my dad suggested - when the bike dropped fuel must have spilt into the air filter and clogged it up?? when I eventually got to check it out after worked the bike sitting throughout the day allowed the fuel to dry up so it started up hesitantly with a fuely smell from the exhausts and than was fine.

    I took a look at the air filter it wasn't excessively wet but did smell like petrol had gotten in there.

    so luckily nothing major