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2005 GPX 250 - how much in your area ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dehon, May 3, 2005.

  1. I'm looking at possibly getting a brand new GPX 250 as my first bike. From what I thought I read somewhere, Kawasaki were doing a special on this years model where you could buy it for $5990 ride away ? Does that sound right ? The local Kawasaki dealer where I live is selling them for $6990 ride away. Has anyone seen any better prices than this where they live, like the $5990 ride away figure ?

  2. I askd the local dealer in Bris about a month ago for a mate, and he said they were 6grand, I didn't ask if that was ride away though.
  3. Saw a price in Bris - $6500 ride away.
  4. Crossways in melbourne had some on his floor for $5600 about 2 weeks ago
  5. I've rung Brighton Kawasaki, Ferntree Gully (Floyd Parkes) Kawasaki, Mornington Kawasaki, Race Replica Kawasaki and Cosway Kawasaki last week and they're all quoting me over the phone $5990 +ORC

    If you went in there and did a deal they might give you some wiggle room on the ORC's
  6. OR you could get a 2nd hand one for $2000-$3000 ride away. dont forget, this bike hasn't changed since 89, the only advantage to buying new is the 0 kays. i still reckon the best option is to buy 2nd hand and sell it for the same money when you upgrade....
  7. I did a recent search for a GPX for someone in Vic, and the only ones for sale had high km and they weren't cheap.
    You guys in Vic get ripped on 250's.
    It's cheap enough to buy new, and you'll get most of your money back, and you'll have a bike with no problems and warranty.
  8. KAWASAKI GPX250 1989 model, VGC, RWCert. 5mnths reg. WB-045, great learners bike, excellent commuter, $2,200 After 4pm (0433)564813, Dandenong.

    KAWASAKI GPX250 1993 mdl, black, 57,000kms, 8mths rego, best learner bike, runs well, BM-631, $2500ono, (0433)752746, Springvale.

    Kawasaki GPX250 1998 Red, 250cc 17000kms, red, new chain & sprockets BV-445 EC $3500ono (03)97589885 (0422) 102 480 Ferntree Gully.

    :D all depends on when you look i spose. cant go too far wrong with one that comes with a RWC and 5 months reg for $2k :wink: and if you're worried about age/ks, then $3500 for a 98 isn't too bad, should be able to knock a bit off that too if you know how to sweet talk and get in first with a wad of cash to wave in their faces....
  9. Yeah it's cheap but you're talking about a bike that's 16 years old. Even the 2nd one is 12 years old.
    The last one is reasonable, but for an extra couple of grand you can buy a bike that's 7 years younger, guarenteed never been dropped/crapped/thrashed with warranty and 17,000less km. And i've never seen a red one?? (possible damage)
  10. doesn't anyone else that that's disgraceful? 1989, no wonder they look like a character out of the tv show Transformers :evil:

    i understand the realities of the restricted licence market but an upgrade, even just cosmetically every decade or so would be nice :?
  11. If people are silly enough to buy them, or if the bike is still good enough to sell, what incentive is there for the company to upgrade.

    That said...I think I'm going to have to put my mate onto these. He wants cheap and freeway capable and SURELY a GPX wouldn't have any probs doing 100 - 120 would they?
  12. GPX engines are pretty bullet proof.

    Having said that though, when you consider that most 250's run at 3 or 4 times the revs of a car engine, is 57,000km really more akin to 200,000+ car km's??

    What precautions would you take if you were going to buy a 200+km car as a reliable mode of transport?

    There's no doubt you'll get a solid straight GPX 2nd hand... but if you have the cash, a new bike that you break in and have total faith in the history is hard to beat.


  13. p.s. The gpx is a very well sorted no frills sports 250 bike. It might not have the latest technology, it might not be the fastest, but it's a reliable mount.

    There's been no need to update the base design - especially when almost everyone else is getting out of 250's. They got it pretty well sorted on day 1.

    Go Kwaka.


  14. yeah, the GPX is a great bike, sits on a freeway for hours quite comfortably, easy to ride around town, great bottom end power for a 250, great economy, easy to maintain and bulletproof motor.... the list goes on.

    i just wouldn't buy one new tho when you can get one that'll do the same thing for you for half the money. fair enuff, if you're buying a new sportsbike thats just been updated and you'll be keeping for at least a few year, i can see the merit there. but a bike thats been unchanged for 15 years (however well built), that you'll be keeping for just over a year (cos you WILL want to upgrade), and that has a track record as solid as the GPX? wouldn't bother if it was my money.....

    IMO, buy it cheap, use and abuse it, maintain it as you have to, and sell it for the same money again when the restricions are up.....
  15. GPX will have no trouble doing 170km/h! :)

    And it's not like we have a choice - we all need to buy a 2fiddy, and it's just a matter of picking the one that suits us. I reckon they could do with a few new 250s in the market, but hey, how many people actually KEEP a 250?
  16. Please people when looking at Kilometres find out the history of them first. Kilometres have no direct relationship to the quality of the engine. If you had 2 engined maintained in exactly the same way and the same number of kilometres on them BUT...

    Bike1: Most of the kilometres were done around town, city and the shops (short stop/start trips)

    Bike2: Most of the kilometres were done on the freeways, highways and touring (long sustained trips)

    I certainly know which one i'd go for (bike2).
  17. Are you sure they can keep up 170? if they can maybe i may have to put it on my "upgrade" list. i know it sounds stupid, but i'm looking for a twofiddy that will pull past a cage doing 110 km/h. i'm dreaming i know.

    I dunno about the other under 25s around here, but have you checked out how much insurance is for anything bigger? and they'll even get you on an older bike, not just something new. and yes third party is cheaper, but its a risk and it's still bloody expensive. the nrma website is quite a laugh although thats already been said.
  18. GPX and ZZR, are almost identical bikes, mechanicaly I'm told they are identical, my 04 ZZR is only 9 months old and has done over 11000k's, the best I have managed was 156kph, downhill with tail wind, I normally cruise around 120, anymore than that over a sustained time is putting shit loads of strain on the motor. As far as overtaking goes, no problems, down two cogs and ring it. But it's not getting past the cars doing 110, it's being able to pull away from them after you have pissed them off by overtaking em.
  19. Not sure about keep up. 170km/h is ducking down, bum up (not that it makes much difference), and about 13,000 RPM. Not something you'd want to do for a long time... but I've definitely seen mine indicate 175. Not sure how fast that actually is. :LOL:
  20. geeeeez dude, 170?? my bandit only JUST scraped that one in :shock: i know the GPX has no trouble at all hitting 150 and will sit on 120-130 all day without batting an eyelid. but i'd reckon hitting 170 is pushing the envelope a little, might do it, but it wouldn't be happy about it :LOL: