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2005 CBR600RR wont START, cant find problem pls HELP

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by BKN, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Hi guys

    I have a cbr600rr, very clean bike, no issues until now.

    For some reason it wont start, all i get is a CLICK and no crank over sound, what could it be?

    I have checked all fuses on the side on the bike, checked the starter relay fuse as well. Also checked for loose connections and stuff but cant seem to find anything.

    It cant be the battery as its fairly new and i just charged it and it holds 13v. I dont know if it could be the bank angle sensor, starter relay, regulator, killswitch button, or sidestand switch? I looked at all the common problems and cant figure out what it is.

    The funny thing is it will PUSH start and run fine, but as soon as i turn it off a start it again, all i get is CLICK.

    All the headlights work and such. I have taken the bike apart to near nothing and still cant find the problem.

    Any help would be appreciated. Im also keen on paying someone in the Western suburbs of melbourne to come and fix it. I just want it fixed

  2. This idicates that is is not a safety switch and there is one of two problems. Either the starter motor id rooted or you have have a bad connection.

    I know you think the connections are good, but disconnect the ones at the battery, clean them with a wire brush and reconnect. I've even put aluminium foil between my connections to get me going.

    If that fails I'd be checking out the starter motor. Se if you can get it going by hard wiring it.

    The only other thing could be the relay itself.
  3. I had a similar problem with mine where it would cut out intermitently on the highway.

    Turned out to be an MAP sensor fault and loose battery connection. Had to clear the error codes and all was good after that.

    BKN I was reading about a similar problem on 600rr.net. Maybe you could do a search on there?








    hope one of these gives you an idea on whats wrong with yours.

    Best of luck!
  4. Ive tried so many things and honestly im at the point of giving up. Already spoke to the dealers/mechanic, and they said $90 an hour to diagnose it.

    Probably take it to them soon, as i dont really have time to fix it myself and plus i could be hours and hours and still wont find the problem.

    Thanks for the help so fat guys, cheers.
  5. a click and no cranking, but the bike runs ok when you bump start it would seem to indicate that the starter motor itself is faulty; the click is the current trying to throw the pinion, but the pinion is not responding....
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  7. The relay clicks wouldnt that mean it works? I just took off the tank last night and checked all the contacts from the battery to the starter, still not much luck.
  8. It may be that the primary works, but not the secondary. You need to put a multimeter across it.
  9. What should it read while cranking? put it on the relay near the battery and it reads just under 13v and when i crank it drops to 0.2 - 0.5 then back to 13v again, and doesnt start
  10. So you've put the voltmeter across the high amp side of the relay, whilst connected and hit the starter?

    If so that appears to be indicating the relay itself is working.

    I would have disconnected the the high amp leads and put the ohm-meter across it. It should drop to roughly zero.

    It is beginning to look like the starter itself.
  11. Wouldnt it show previous symptons like struggling to start at first, like a car?

    It was just fine and died all of a sudden.
  12. The click that you are hearing is the solanoid on the starter motor, there is really only one reason it will click and not start, low voltage, most likely a poor connection,
    not neccesarily external, could well be the contact points inside the starter itself, i would start with checking all your leads from the battery.
    even try connecting jumper leads(if you have room) directly to your starter with a different battery, that way you will know if it is leads/battery related.