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2005 BMW K1200R.........mmmmmmm

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by PWRSK8, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Well wasn't allowed to go all out on a new one so settled for a used one, :) work in progress on the new one. But in the meantime some fun is to be had.:riding:

    20130101_170007. 20130101_170052. 20130101_170042. 20130101_170025.

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  2. Why do you need a new one? Now you've got one, as long as you don't crash it, it'll last for ever :D.
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  3. Yep, that might be the case too, as it gets personalised and becomes more mine. Got a few items in mind but need to fix a couple of things first that will make this even more pleasurable to ride.
    What do you have Pat ?
  4. Currently a DR650 but there are two dormant K100RSs in the shed and, depending on the outcome of some stuff in the works as I type, there may be a K1200GT in my near future.
  5. Nice, BM's would be a different ride to the DR, good luck with the K1200. Like the accessories :) you looking at a matching white one.
  6. My daily commute may be changing from mostly urban to mostly highway and doubling in length. Different ride, different function :D. I probably won't be able to run to the transverse GT, just the old Brick (which is fine as I loved my K100) and, yes, I'm looking at ex-plod examples and will be getting a new white lid to match. Bye-bye SMIDSY :D.
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  7. Nice one. I have always liked the K1200R.

    Yellow and black wouldn't have been my choice, but now I see yours...... Sure is Purdy!

    Thumbs up mate.
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  8. Love those big K series. Will be a fantastic tourer as well as long-distance commuter. Nice one.