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2005/06 Honda CBR600RR Thoughts

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Dan-E, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. I love the look of these bikes, ecspecially the exhaust through the middle, just wondering wat are people's thoughts out there on these bikes, and is there any better options for the $10,000 - $12,000 price range, and is it worth buying a 600-750cc or should you just go for an R1, or something more powerful.

  2. It is by far the best handling bike I have ever ridden bar none. You will be able to ride stupidly fast on one, but they are as boring as batsh1t.

    I shall probably get flamed for that, but I will try to explain my weird logic. :arrow: Boring can be a good thing on a bike were it does absolutely nothing wrong, ever and allows you to ride it to it's full potential. Nuetral turn in, nuetral power delivery can be a good thing sometimes. I would lap any race track faster on this bike than any others I think.

    I am not sure how much experience you have, but if you have ridden a lot of bikes, the bottom end and mid range may be a bit lacking for you, but if you are stepping up from a 250, they will feel like the fastest thing on earth.

    They do look good (bit boring) and the brakes are fantastic.

    Give it a test ride, and if the power is okay for you it could be a great buy.
  3. In reality 99% of us couldn't efficiently use the power of modern litre class sports bikes on a race track. Most would be faster on 600s. On the road they're completely ridiculous, massive overkill. That said, if one so desires a litre then just buy one. Just be prepared for a steep learning curve, getting owned by faster guys on smaller bikes and high insurance.
    They're the Ferraris of the bike world, sure none of us will ever be good enough to justify owning one. But that's not to say we wouldn't give anything to own one!
  4. I haven't ridden the competition, but you didn't ask for that so.....

    The CBR600RR is a unbelievable bike. Handling is almost telepathetic, it anticipates your move. It is light and what weight it does carry, it carries low and well. If you need to know what I mean, my 1000 is about 10KG heavier but the weight is higher and requires more effort to turn.

    Comfort wise, the CBR is good. The seat, whilst not be luxurious is still ok and the bike offers reasonable protection from the elements. It is however a sports bike and there's a price to be paid for that!

    Brakes are phenomenal. It has the same braking package as the 1000 with less weight. It will stop on a sixpence.

    Performance is more than adequate. All 600's feel a little flat to me (like the throttle is connected by elastic - ride the Blade or an R1 and you'll see what a 1:1 connection feels like) but the bike is still very very fast. Probably around 110hp, but not the high power outputs that the R6 and GSX claim.

    The bike is user friendly, well built and a Honda. That's that they mean about being boring as bat shit. Compared to the latest R6 and GSX it looks staid but looks are subjective, so you take your pick. Compared to the old models I think it is better.

    The 600 rewards you, it is fun to ride and quick enough for most tastes. Until you've ridden a litre bike that is :)

    As a last comparison, I'm a reasonably competent rider. At the last PI ride day I did when someone got a stopwatch on me, the 600 was just under a second a lap slower than the Blade. And that time was so easy.

    Do I sound like a salesman for these things?
  5. If only the CBR600RR came in it's full size packaging instead of the scale replica thing that Honda sells (aside from the 1000RR). Haven't taken the 600RR for a spin but sizing it up, they just don't quite 'fit' me... and a fair few other people often complain about their size.

    So i guess my point is that as long as your not 6 foot plus, and under 80kg, the 600RR would probably be a great bike for you!
  6. the 600rr was never designed for comfort (was any sportsbike??) If you want one of the best handling "supersport" bikes you can get, the 600rr is hard to beat.
    The gixxer600 is also a great bike as is the green one (zx6) and even the new triumph is a good package.

    Get what "feels" the best. And if that means riding them all................... Go ride them all.
  7. I think it all depends what you want it for...

    The reason i bought the R6 was for a bit of fun but after me car got stolen its now turned into me sole form of transportation... Its not too bad in general but it really lacks any kind of torque down low for street riding, its for that reason that i now really regret not buying the R1...
  8. I rode a 2004 CBR600RR for a day and missed my 2000ZX6 already :? Great front end (it floats!) and nicely small form factor. But the engine is a real turnoff. No power from low to midrange and "too quiet" :? Almost like riding a 250 (the feeling, not the speed).

    But another positive is it felt so light !
  9. I don't think Honda have done many changes for the 2006 model. In the writeup at their website it seems like a copy and paste of last years writeup with the bit about "new hazard lights" deleted since they're not new this year.

    If you're a racer the R6 is the best bike, if you're an average rider then probably whatever you like the look of or felt best on the test ride is the one to go with.

    I'd take a 636 if it were my choice, for a road bike.