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2004 VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Funky Munky, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. Im looking at buying my first bike and I have been doing alot of thinking about what I want. I was looking at Spadas although I'm pretty set on getting a VTR250. I went and looked at one in a showroom today. It was about $9000 including on-road costs (rego, ins. etc.). I was wondering what thoughts people had about have one as a first bike. I've done alot of research on them and have seen anyone say they're crap, far from it. How good a bike is this for a starter? How good is it on petrol? How do they sound? (I love the sound of all V-twins 8) ) How good a resale value will they have?

  2. What sort of pipe and how much? If I can get my VTR250 to sound that good I will be a happy man.
  3. F*ckin oath. That sounds nuts! Sounds very nice indeed. :D 8)
  4. I hear you, just went through the same process - new 250 - which one. honestly the vtr looked and felt wicked, almost Ducati wannabee - cant say I dont like it - but went the zzr path based on wind protection and size. Vtr was nasty off the mark! awsome in fact - but the zzr got there too - just a bit more noise. The CBR, well felt a bit like a toy - not solid - on a freeway with a v8 up your jack - felt like I was on a small bike - albeit super quick as. Probably what did it for me with the zzr was that "apparant" size - it has a big bike look and feel - good for those drivers that want to nudge you off the road thinking your on a honda jog.

    If I had the money - I would have both the vtr and zzr.
  5. You only ride a 250 to do your time until your restrictions are up. So you are better off spending money on gear which should last you for a couple of bikes and saving on the bike. In 15 months time when you are off restrictions then go nuts and buy a full on bike.

    You be better off getting a second hand 250 and even something a little cheaper than a brand new VTR250 IMHO. Also don't forget to check out the cost of insurance on a bike before committing to it.

    But these decision are rarely based on common sense......if its the VTR you want then you aren't going to be disappointed.
  6. Well I only want the thing to get me to work and back everyday. Its about an hour and a half drive! I figure it'd be alot cheaper on petrol than my Gemini as well. I'm quite happy puttin around on a 250 for quite a while.
  7. That's what they all say!!!! Then 2 months into owning a 250 you start looking at the 600 and 1000s for sale.

    VTR250 range thread

    A CB250 could be a good option for you if you are after a cheap bike with exceptional fuel economy.....but essentially all the 250 bikes have good economy but some just have smaller tanks that then others so you have to fill up sooner.
  8. Haha :D We'll see. I probably will get bored of it, but I won't be able to afford a bigger bike anyway.
  9. Not when you thrown down 9G on a 250!!! You can get a second hand Blade for that kind of coin!!!!
  10. Hmmm,brand new 250 or 2nd hand Blade?Hmmm.... :roll: :p Not much of a choice really! :LOL:
  11. Well not while you are on restrictions no...otherwise its the Blade all the way!!!

    Many would agree
  12. Its about 8G for the metal, 1G for the beurocrtic licencing crap. For some of us in our 30's it aint the price, its quality all the way through. Start on good, end on good - like a zzr for resale, then whatever the coin change after trade in - deposit on an R1 or the likes. I would buy a Blade tomorrow if it was legal - its like 1 year in prison as the big boys baitch - but hey she's on order - trust me
  13. Eh,i road around on a 400 for a year on P plates and no copper knew.When i went to court for being naughty my dumbarse lawer actually had an argument with the prosecuting cop about what size bike i was on,coppers were sure it was a 250,lol! :p Then 4 months + before i was off P plates i had a new 98 ZX9R. :p Just so ya know,i had an extended period on Ps for repeated loss of license! :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Yes ditto - who's pipe is that? Full system or just slip on?

    Certainly does sound good....maybe a nice B'Day pressie for the missus...

  15. Funky Munky,

    I totally agreed with Matt232....

    More likely than not, you will want/need/wish/hope/die for a bigger bike before you restriction is up.

    I never thought I would....I didn't believe them.... check my comment on the limit of my 250 that i felt

    If you spend $9000 on a spanking new 250, a couple of issues:

    1) You may not push yourself as far, for fear of dropping your bike, it may be psychological, but it's there nevertheless.

    2) Although the reselling value of your bike is there, but consider how many learners looking to buy a 250 will want/can buy off you privately for say $8000 bucks? Or even $7500 bucks.

    My 2-cents.....

    But if it is the looks (or other people's looks) you are after :p , actually Jase bought a very beautiful 250 privately.....Jase, I'll let you comment on this...
  16. I have a brand new VTR250 and wouldn't swap it for the world until the 12 months are up. I feel confident that the bike can handle all conditions and should it get dropped etc, no fairings to damage etc.

    Also if you think you are going to drop the bike it will most likely happen, remain positive and don't think the worst, I am sure there are many people that go through the first 12 months without incident.

    There is always the question about reliabilty and condition of a bike, I feel that your first bike should be the best that you can afford.

    My 1 cents worth....
  17. Yep, you bike is very nice, Steve...:p :p :p

    You do have a valid point there though...