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2004 VTR250 Neutral Switch

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by wokwon, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    My VTR250 has a dodgy neutral switch (apparently is a common fault with these bikes). It works fine when cold but is hit and miss when hot. I checked the wiring and neutral lamp and it's fine.

    If I am to replace the switch (I found it on the right-side of the bike) do I need to drain the oil first? It looks like it lives in the gearbox sump.

    The workshop manual describes how to test the switch but not removal/replacement.

  2. what do you mean the switch?
  3. The neutral switch (see pic) that tells the bike's ignition system that the bike is in neutral.

    When the bike is hot the switch doesn't work, so even if the bike is in neutral, dropping the sidestand kills the engine immediatley.

    Works fine when cold.

  4. maybe some grease build up?
  5. Yeah but what I'm asking is if I unscrew the switch will the oil come pouring out.

    I.e., should I wait till I do the service and drain the oil first or can I whip it out anytime :p
  6. Answer: Yes drain oil first. I did the switch change during an oil change. Easy to do and now it works 100%.
  7. Or you could just bypass the relay that kills the motor when the stand goes down. Very easy, and then you won't be stranded when the relay dies one day. Only do this if you think you can remember to put the stand up before taking off. I seemed to manage it for years before those relays were invented.
  8. Yah it was less about the kick stand and more about not looking like a fool when I stall it at traffic lights because it's not in neutral.

    The VTR250 (at least the ->2004 series) doesn't use a relay for the stand switch.

    The stand switch goes directly into the CDI unit, as does the neutral switch. The clutch switch goes through a weird diode thing and then to the kill switch.
  9. Are you putting down the stand at the traffic lights? What do you do, go for a walk around lol :p
  10. no no no, thinking it's in neutral (half a click up from first) but it not being in neutral, clutch out and stall.

    With the light working, I know when it's actually in neutral.