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2004 Suzuki SV650s, Mid North Coast, Long Rego, Low Kms...

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by ramjet, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. Hi, my Dec/2004 model Suzuki SV650s is for sale.

    - Location - Coffs Harbour
    - Condition - Excellent
    - Mileage - Very Low, 15,400kms
    - Price - $6250
    - Rego - Long Rego, 27th April 2012
    - Contact Info - email me at rsa10@msn.com
    - Brand New 1 week old Battery
    - Pilot Power Front and Pilot Road2 Rear tyres less than 2,000kms old
    - Genuine Suzuki Tank Bra
    - Evo Tech Fender Eliminator (Original Fender supplied if needed)
    - Delkevic Exhaust which sounds brilliant (Original Muffler supplied if needed)

    I have moved within walking distance to work and bike doesn't get ridden enough anymore so sadly it has to go.

    Bike has always been very well cared for, garaged its whole life and is in fantastic condition, I've owned the bike for 3 years and put on 8,000kms, it has never missed a beat nor has given me any trouble whatsoever. Always regularly serviced.

    This bike is not Learner Approved. Amazing sounding 650cc V-Twin with ample power and lots of low end torque. The perfect all rounder bike, acts brilliantly as daily commuter or a weekend warrior, also has a proven reliable, bullet proof engine. Read all the hundreds of positive reviews of this bike available on the internet.



    More PHOTOS:

    If interested please email me at- rsa10@msn.com
  2. This will more than likely not last very long. If my bike sold (listed here) I'd be very interested in this as a cheaper replacement.

    What's insurance like on these!?

    Good luck with the sale.

  3. Very nice looking bike, Ramjet. I had a curvy and it was a great machine.

    plenty of grunt and the v-twin sound is awesome. Highly recommend these bikes to anyone.

    Is that an aftermarket can?
  4. Hi, I no longer have an Insurance Policy with the bike as I don't ride enough now to continue with Comprehensive Insurance but I can tell you that the CTP cost me $280 (27 yr old with no demerit points or accident history). RTA Rego cost me $110.00.

  5. Thanks for reminding me, I forgot to mention the aftermarket exhaust...
    The photos above show the original can which looks like a big cannon and makes the bike sound like an angry sewing machine.

    This picture I took today shows a brand new Delkevic Slip on recently fitted. Compliments the looks of the bike and sounds brilliant! Just a bit louder than stock (with baffle in) and it really lets you hear the deep rumble of the 650 V-twin! Very addictive indeed.

  6. This awesome bike is still up for sale, needs an owner who has time to ride it..
  7. If only I had the cash...
  8. My partner and I have three of these between us. Great bikes. Insuremyride green slip $250 comprehensive with NRMA $700 9 I could get better with shopping around). Can confirm the Delkevic sound a great v-twin rumble. Good luck with the sale. Shouldn't last long with those K's.
  9. Bump,
    Anyone interested in a mint SV650 with low kms?
    Still available for Sale...
    Now $5800
  10. Hi Ramjet, shame the bike hasn't gone to a new home.
    Have you tried sv down under? See what the consensus is about what its worth in current market? Its a great bike but maybe 2004 a bit overpriced. I'm not sure, just a suggestion.

    Regards, Stu.
  11. Thanks mate,
    I haven't been to svdownunder, but I checked red book and bike sales / bike point. It seems a tidy 2004 model with very low kms are going for around mid to high 5's with some listed above 6. $5,800 neg. for mine seems reasonable (+ mine has the sought after 05 black frame and wheels being a dec' 04 model:wink:).
  12. I put it in svdu for you. Its in the auctions and bargains section.

    Regards, Stu
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