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VIC 2004 Sprint ST 955i - Carlton

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by ewokracing, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Stolen off the street sometime between 1am and 6am from Rathdowne St in Carlton on Sunday morning.

    Has a Kaoko, factory rear luggage mount, pannier mounts, factory heated grips, factory exhaust.

    I know I'll never see my beloved Triumph again but it was such a fantastic and well looked after bike, I'm upset that it will end up in bits.
  2. mongrels

    in the old West they used to shoot horse thieves....
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  3. Im with hornethornet but after a public flogging

    hope you get good news
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  4. Hung , drawn , quarted.
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  5. So some good news. After a lot of stuffing around with the insurance company and the investigator AND having my credit card details stolen by the insurance company, Vic Pol have found my bike.

    So I'll get some money back from the insurance company, now the dilemma of do I want to buy it back or not. Part of me says yes because of the sentimental value. Part of me says no because it sounds like it has been trashed.
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  6. For me if its been trashed Id rather let it be.
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  7. That's what I keep thinking too. Like getting an ex girlfriend back a few years later... you don't know who's ridden her while she was away.
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  8. Nice to hear that it's finally been located. I hope someone's going down for it.
    Did you get a pay out and replace it ?
  9. I hope so too. I was hoping whoever stole it would crash and die on it. No italtics. I hate theives.

    Got paid out, never replaced it. Ducati Sport Classic or Honda VFR one day....