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2004 spewzuki gs500f

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by chris4wally, May 1, 2007.

  1. Could anyone tell me if the 2004 SUZUKI GS500F is learner legal. If so, are they any good.
    Not sure which way to go with my first bike. Looked at zzr250 and gpx250 but being 6f 1 and 100kg a bit worried about size.
    Any help appreciated.

  2. Mate its a top bike for the restriction period.
    Have never had a problem with any part of it, goes well and is easy to ride. Should keep you progressing through your own ability range

    Edit: sorry that was a really lazy post, write more late
  3. Yup, its very learner legal. Good bike!

    for your size, have a look at the Hyosung 250 comet... or the 650S (i think the S is the learner legal model)... They might fit you too, although they are Hyosungs...
  4. As the others have said definately learner legal in NSW and well worth a look. Also worth checking out its closest competitor - the Kawasaki ER-5. It's not available with a fairing but is water cooled so has a definate power advantage over the GS.
  5. Righto, the GS500F/GS500E.
    At the centre of the machine is a four stroke, double overhead cam parallel twin cylinder air cooled motor, developing with a six speed gearbox - if you don't understand what that means, take it from me, it's a stock standard power plant.
    The parrallel twin provides even power throughout the bikes range, but it lacks a litlle down low (for the class of bike it is) but allows enough for you to play around with. It feels great through corners and will test you throughout your learning period without being to lethal if you make a mistake, its pretty forgiving.

    The 20 litre tank gets great mileage when riding around town and when commuting it gets around 450 to 500km's.

    In terms of styling, it's very much a road bike, the mono shock and 'A' frame allows a reasonably broad tank. The side panels provide extra protection from the elements.
    Dont be too worried about your size i'm 6'7" and 100kg and i fit fine on the GS :grin:

    PM for any other queries.
  6. I'm 6'1, 78kilos and dont have any problems with zzr. Having said that I would probably be more comfortable on a taller bike.
  7. Im 6'4 and 110KG and I love my GPX
  8. its a very very friendly learner bike,as wedge has said.

    i am 6'1" and weight 93kgs, loved my GS til the day i departed with it, they have enough poke to have fun with, cornering is a breeze as they tip in very easily, suspension could do with a little work, but it never caused any dramas.

    i used the bike for commuting day trips, weekend trips and touring, longest trip was 3000km round trip over a few days but never felt any pains from the bike til probably the last 500km of the trip

    fuel consumption will all depend on how you ride, as wedge said you can get upto 500km from the tank, there rae people out there that have gotten further, but if your really fanging it through the twisties, up and down gears, i got it down to 237km and hit reserve

    there is a 4 litre reserve on the bike which according to the sales man down here could get you 80km at a push if you hit reserve
  9. Thanks to all for the tips. Going into Bathurst tommorow.
    Will have a look