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2004 R1 Halo Eyes,

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Exonoesis, May 18, 2012.

  1. Bought some random stuff off ebay and put together some angel eyes for my bike,

    Did it for a bit of nighttime bling while parked.

    White will be used while riding, for all the haters that decide they need to have a say,

    to put them in took me about 30 minutes for both, and putting the fairings back on took time as i was waiting to finish other modifications at the time,


  2. looks good !! :)
  3. Love 'em.

    I think mine's next
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    Yeah looks tops.. :)
  5. Lights on bikes are ghey :)

    nah - nice work dude
  6. You find it hard to adjust to riding without mirrors? I have contemplated taking mine off and slapping the block off plates too, but recon I'd miss the rear vision too much....?
  7. I must admit I don't like them. I reckon it trivializes such a great bike.

    But each to their own
  8. I have a SV650 that i keep mirrors on, and i always turn my head to see what is going on behind me. although i have bought those small 2" round mirrors that sit just near my parker LED fittings which give me enough to look in my blind spots without turning my head.

    Each to there own, i havent taken this bike out on the road yet propperly.

    If we are talking legit-ness. i believe there is a minimal size mirrors have to be on a vehicle to be legal.

    im still looking for some nice mirrors to replace the stock ones with, so until then i am using the block plates.

    So coming back to rear vision, it really depends on how much you really check your mirrors, like if you are some who goes on long trips through the snowie mountains for example you would rarely look behind you , but turning your head is a option if you obviously need to. Riding around town KEEP your mirrors on , as this will be my intention when i get the bike going.

    hope that helped?:)
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