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2004 gpx250 or 2012 gt250r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rippyjr, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. whats behind the story:
    2004 gpx has 12thou ks on it the 2012 gt250r has 4thou ks, both priced the same @3k, both mostly ridden solo with very very occassional 2-up @ around 160kg, solo @ 80kg and 5ft 8,

    riding mostly metro runs with occassional freeway/highway run on weekends. riding the twisties would always be solo :happy:

    reliability???? actual ability to perform 2-up comfortably ????
    etc etc

    any info from owners both current and former would be highly appreciated
  2. The gpx is most prob going to be more reliable. A hyosung of that year model is still ok though. I wouldn't want to ride 2 up on either though. Your better off going for a gt650 (restricted if u need a lams bike) for 2 up riding. It's the same size as the gt250 bike
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  3. lol i would love a 650 but the 3k is budget at this point, cheers
  4. Gpx would be more reliable. It is ok for around town 2 up but struggles at highway 2 up. Solo it does ok in twisties. Not as good as bigger bikes.

    As menrioned the hyo is a bigger sized bike so more room.
    Stretch the budget if you want 2 up
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  5. Sometimes your wants and your budget won't meet. If 2 up is going to be important, build up further funds and get something with more power. It's as much safety as not breaking the bike. There are some GS500's available around the 3,500 mark which would be reliable and strong enough to pull 2up without much issue.
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  6. im currently riding a gv250, 2-ups no worries, its not a big deal as will be the odd occassion ( once a month if that )
  7. The GPX250 is a great little bike, fun to ride and reliable, but not really suited to regular 2 up as others have said.
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  8. so once a month should be fine? hyo is so good looking but im not vain and would rather go with reliability, i know the cruiser version but it already had 18thou on it so any gremlins it MAY have had were hopefully sorted by previous ownership,
  9. was meant to say i know i OWN the cruiser version