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2004 CB900

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rhys84au, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. Guys sorry if this is the wrong forum for this but iam looking for some good honest opinions on this bike.

    Buddy of mine is looking at ditching his er6n and going bigger. he rides as a daily commuter 65-70km round trip) to and from work plus the once in a blue moon joy ride. He also has a slight preference to naked/semi naked due to insurance pricing.

    He has spotted an 04 cb900 with under 4,000 on the clock and it looks immaculate ($6k). However its a bit of a distance away from him to go look unless it is really spot on for what he wants.

    so what are thoughts on these? I have had it ingrained in me by my old man that hondas are bulletproof but thats a dudes opinion that has only ridden hondas since the 70's.

    How is the power? I know its a detuned 919 motor but what is it like when you give it a good twist?
    parts pricing/ease of maintenance ect? any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. If he's got a bit more $ I have seen 2010 model z1000 for 9k Ono, so u may get it for 8k , bargain and heaps better bike
  3. Hi mate i actually own a 2006/7 Cb900, it is really a great commuter bike, it will sit at 1800 rpm without chugging or anything in 6th at 60 if you want it to and it has 600SS level power with 50% more torque so it still goes very very well from a standstill or at 100km/h+
    It has a very comfortable seat, low fuel useage and with an exhaust the sound is quite nice.
    Paying 6K for an 04 is seriously overpaying. For the record my bike with 15Km on it in immaculate condition with new tyres and 12 months reg was listed for 6K but i haggled him down some closer to low 5's.
    You should not be paying more than 4.5K for an 04 even less would be preferred but i assume this is a dealership due to the price.
    Standard honda pricing on parts and maintenance is just like any other honda, 6K intervals needs valve clearance etc at 24K so no issue there for your purposes.
    All reports say these are seriously reliable bikes and i don't doubt them, it feels solid and never makes a wrong noise.
  4. As Onoff312 said, $6k is too much for an '04 CB900.

    I can vouch for their userfriendly nature and reliability, I owned an '06 from new and rode it rain, hail or shine to work as well as weekend sprints in the hills, it is a great all round bike. Comfortable and does most things very well.