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2004-2005 ZX10r... How wild are they really?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Grrila, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    Looking to upgrade from my z750 to a super sport and with the limited budget I have, I have the option of going for a CBR954rr, 08 CBR1000rr, K6 GSX-R 1000 or the bike in question the ZX10r. Reading the reviews of the ZX10r has peaked my interest but I am wondering how wild is this bike really?

    I am looking for something with a bit of character and the ZX10r seems to fit the bill but will it be too wild? 160hp doesn't sound that much in the grand scheme of things today and the current CBR's are around that power range and are considered a 'little under powered' in the current creme of bikes out these days. Yes I know it's still crazy fast for the every day man.

    Would like to hear from people who have ridden or owned one or can make a comparison between the other aforementioned bikes or even against newer steeds. Is the crazy power delivery and razor sharp handling that I've read in the reviews still ring true today or is the bike seen as being more fairly sedate compared to today's market? Would I be happier with the other bike choices opposed to this bike. I don't want to get caught into buying the thing on a test ride falling in love with the wildness and then find it that much of a pain in the arse that I won't want to ride it anymore. Kind of like hooking up with the crazy fun girl that becomes a royal pain in the arse after a couple of months of dating her.

    Bike will be used for weekend riding in the hills, very occasional track days, bugger all commuting. I'm 84kg 182cm.
  2. I've ridden a 2010 ZX10R once and found it a very quick and exciting bike. It was only a short ride so I don't know how it would go on a long ride. Felt pretty comfortable, although I think low speed work would have my wrists hurting. Also I own a Z1000 which is heavier but has a lot more midrange torque than the ZX10, but around 20hp less. Generally I'd take the newer bike, however always compare the bikes for Klm and condition. It's a tough choice, but I think you'd be happy with the ZX10.
  3. I have ridden a 2011 on a 30 minute test ride, which is the current generation, and found that great albeit a short ride. I just suspect that the 2004 being a lot older would be a completely different beast?

    What I'm wondering is, has chassis development come a long way since that time or do the bikes feel like much of a muchness until at 9/10ths and beyond? Or have electronic riding aids in recent bikes helped tame them out a bit when pushing hard? Is that what seperates current gen bikes to previous generations?

    I'm no wheelie stunt rider or GP rider leaving black marks out of every exit if you know what I mean.... Doesn't mean I wouldn't mind learning to though:whistle:
  4. With the '04-'05 it wasn't so much the amount of power but how it was delivered, it comes on pretty brutally at around 6k. Combined with the light weight and shortish wheelbase you see where the reputation comes from.

    I've only had a very short ride, I didn't pick up anything too scary but then I wasn't exactly pushing it, either. It's definitely twitchy, and it's easy to believe that it'd be prone to headshake. You'd want to treat the powerband with a bit of respect in the bends. Maybe consider getting a steering damper.

    Will you get tired of it? Considering that most of your riding is going to be "on it", I doubt it.
  5. IMHO all of those bikes u mentioned are wild beasts with way more hp than 99% of owners will ever use on the road. They will all scare the crap out of u when your on full throttle
  6. They need a decent damper and then they're fine, I believe Kawasaki actually fitted them to the 05? Not sure, but anyway get a decent damper and you'l be right
  7. The OEM damper came in '06, but unfortunately (depending on your perspective) there were a bunch of other changes that had the net effect of taking away the 'edge' that made the 04-05 models so special.

    BTW GrrilaGrrila, on your list the 954 also has a bit of a loony rep but it's one that I think has faded with time. It's sharp, sure, and it's still a hooligan bike but it's not the widowmaker that people made it out to be when it was first launched. Like with the Ninja, slap on a steering damper and you'll be fine.
  8. If this doesn't make you want to buy one nothing will :). I love them.
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  9. Bid not available?
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    Can ride.....

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    What hyperspex said....its all in the delivery..

    That said, the most common mod to a 10 is to take 1 tooth off the front sprocket to give it a bit more get up and go.

    Having the 07 model, and fitting and dialing in some fruit, I would say the ride is never dull.

    I think steering dampers ( ohlins ) became oem in 2006, but the standard item is not very effective and requires re-valving to be properly useful.

    With regard to model years, they seem to go mostly in '2's...ie. 2004 new model, 05' minor tweeks and fixes, 2006 new model, 07' minor tweeks and fixes, 2008-10...etc. I will be very interested in the 2015 model given that the 14' seems to already be a good thing.

    Seems the juggle is a 14'-15' model then add the fruit ( suspension, quickshifter, exhaust, fuel module etc ) or a BMW 1000rrHP4 or Aprilia RSV4 Factory....same $$ at the end of the day.....not that with any of them are you using even as much as 10% of their potential on today's plod and camera infested roads.
  13. Gotta love the moment at 4:15 .. close...
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