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2003 yamaha r6 when does it need a rebuild?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by YUBH8N4, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. hi guys i have thinking of buying one 2moro for 7500 and it has done 44,000kms on the clock when would hte engine be needsing a rebuild someone said dont get it cos they need it at like 50,000kms any help me on this asap??

  2. If the bike has been looked after then it should be good for at least 100,000km's.

    Of course if its been abused it could blow up tomorrow or it could go on for another 40,000kms.

    There are too many variables and your best bet is getting a mechanic to check it out, should only cost $100-$200 and you will then have a pretty good idea of the condition of the bike.
  3. LOL! Even 250s dont need rebuilds at 50000kms (4 stroke at least) if they're taken care of even remotely.

    Modern bikes will do many many kms, 100k minimum even if it has a pretty hard life. Most bikes won't see that many kms though, written off etc.
  4. does it smoke and splutter when you start it cold?
  5. thanks for hte rpelis guys

    thanks for hte replies guys helps me heaps... he said he just use to ride long distances to work cos he lives in the hills and works in the city...looks in really good condition ill get to see it 2nite and test ride it what should i ask and look for??
  6. if it rides like all the other R6's you've test ridden, and it's in good condition, and the price is right, just buy it.

    unfortunately a mechanic cant tell you how many KM's are left in the motor/clutch/etc. it's an educated guess, and the truth is the bike may just sh1t itself the following day.
  7. Re: thanks for hte rpelis guys

    That's the best thing for an engine. More than likely it's got a lot more life left in it than something with <20,000 on the clock that's only ever been used for short spurts.
    Definitely sounds like it's worth checking out.
  8. Hmmm. mileage questions, black art.

    My FZR 1000 has done 193,000 on 1 x head gasket and a clutch.

    My FZR600 has done 90,000 and clutch is just starting to slip, no other problems though.

    If it's been looked after it will look after you.

    Get a service history if you can