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2003 VTR250 fender chop? Any hints, tips on doing it?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Darren96, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Hi there,
    Own a 2003 VTR250 and looking to minimise the rear fender and since I can't find a fender eliminator anywhere for it, have heard it might look alright just sawn off? anyone got any ideas, hints, tips on doing or even photos of others who have done it? cheers!

  2. yeah pretty much saw off the stuff under the plate, but then you'll be looking for a new place to put your rego sticker...
  3. Plus you might limit your resale value when it comes to upgrading as you can't put it back to legal. Something to consider if its a bike you won't be keeping.
  4. Did the fender chop today, cut off all of the plastic underneath the rego plate, kept the little bit of plastic that the reflector bolts to, and drilled new holes closer to the plate (wanted to keep it there for safety). Also added new led indicators and moved them up beside the tail light drilled holes there to put them in. all in all.. was relatively easy and looks far far better now. just need resistors for the indicators because they blink too fast for my liking and I'm all done. Will post before and after photos in the next few days