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2003 VTR 250 problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cintamami, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    heres the problem, if any1 could help me i would really appreciate it.

    i was on the road doing 80ks and change gears to 5th, i thought i had released the throttle but i didnt, i felt like something snap under the bike and it happened. the bike slowed down to 60 and would not go more than 60, i pull over (luckily) and the bike before i was able to put it on the side road, she died. push the bike to the side and turn off the bike.

    about 5-10 mins, i tried to start the bike again, and it works like nothing happened.... i went home and same thing happened again. when i change gear to the 5th, the bike just wouldnt want to pass 80kms/hr and it slowed down. same thing happened again. push the bike and turn off the bike and try it again in 5-10 mins and i got home.

    not happy with above situations, after 2 hours, i decided to ride again (stupid me, but i was worried about my bike). this time i ride to my friends house.

    it works again, cant remember what gears i was on (probably 4th or 5th). but when i arrived at my destination. just when i stop she died. and i was unable to start her again.

    i tried putting the idle thing up, but it just wont work, work first but dying slowly until completely turned off.

    any suggestions? or know any mechanics that travel to do services?

    thx for reading.
  2. Not sure if this is of much help to you but it sounds like what happened to me when I had the virago. Turns out a tappit had come loose. Couldn't get over 80 and when I tried, the bike would lose power.

    I'm probably completely off track, but your description of what happened rings a bell with me.
  3. thx for the reply,

    i will check the tappit thing when i got back from my office tonight. do you by any chance know how to tighten the tappit? i am a mechanical noob.
  4. A noob shouldnt try that. Take it to a mechanic.
  5. okay, will check the tappet to a mechanic.

    any other possible causes? runs out of fuel (i am hoping haha)? but i can still hear it when i shake the bike.
  6. sounds too me like an electrical problem. when you change to top, and the bike slows down to 60, wont go any faster, does the exhaust note go "flat" or sounds the same? if it goes flat this would possibly indicate a fueling problem. how many kays on the bike? when was the last time it was serviced?
  7. thx all for the comments,

    spot on idontlikemonkeys. fixed the probs myself with a mate today.

    1. Spark Plugs (just managed to clean it)
    2. NO FUEL ! apparently shaking the bike is not a good indicator.

    bike started and i rode it to 110 and 5th gear and dead at the traffic light.... i thought..... f*%k, but managed to turn up the fuel tap to reserve and it started again. thats when i found out i had no fuel left. filled up the fuel and its all good hopefully.

    to do list on weekend:
    1. Change Spark Plugs
    2. Change Oil and oil filter
    3. Clean the Carbs (my mate told me i just need to put some sort of liquid into the fuel tank and it will clean it? not really sure about this, i thought its for injector's cleaner?)
    4. a good nice wash

    thx all.
  8. oh dear...

    I take it your bike doesnt have a fuel gauge? No problem neither does mine.

    Set your trip meter to 0 next time you fill up. Then when you feel the bike dieing from running out of fuel switch it to reserve. Then you know roughly how many k's you do from a tank.