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2003 Triumph Sprint ST

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by paulm_collins, May 15, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Havent posted for ages as havent been able to access the site from work, stupid people blocking websites !!!!!

    Anyway, I just got off my restrictions a couple of weeks ago and just purchased my first real bike !! lol
    Got myself a 2003 Triumph Sprint ST and traded in my ZZR250.
    Picking it up on Friday and I cant wait !!!!!! :)

    Wondered if anyone had any tips on anything about the Triumph Sprints ?

  2. Nice Selection...
  3. Nice bike, congrats welcome to the club

    but as falcon-lord said.... pics?
  4. wicked one of the t5 sprints..... they were awesome.
  5. c'mon people read the post he hasnt got it yet, picks it up on friday, then theres the week of constant riding with no time for picks so be patient little ones :LOL:

    congrats on the purchase i am envious :twisted:

  6. thanks qbnspeedfreak
    You are quite right, I dont get the bike til Friday !
    Im sure I wont be able to resist taking some pics over the weekend so will maybe get some on here on Saturday.
  7. congrats, theyre an awesome bike
  8. nice bike! Hope you enjoy it :)
  9. sprint_st_blu.

    Heres a pic of the bike !
    Im sure there will be pics of the real thing coming over the weekend.
  10. Thats the 1050cc aint it....they rated them pretty highly in Superbike Magazine. They had one as a long term loaner and the bloke used to ride it a fair few kms everyday. He also used it on the track and said it went well for what it was.
    Sounds like you've got a good thing coming \:D/
  11. As its a 2003 model, its actually a 955cc, but its bloody close enough ! lol
  12. Congrats, welcome to the Triumph stable :grin: Make sure you use Charlie at Turn One motorcycles for any servicing/repair work on your bike. He is definitely and australia wide known as the best Triumph mechanic. I'll list his details at the end. If you're keen for a ride (when it's not raining because of reason to follow) I am on medical paid leave for a recovering shoulder/upper arm nerve damage which is taking months/year(s) to heal. So if you want to catch up some time, let me know :) I do physio Tue + Thur 9-10am (and every day at home various times) and free most other times, only have some T.A.C required things to do and doctor appointments. So, most times I'm free pretty much :)

    Once again, congratulations on choosing the bike :) I have an '06 daytona 675, just taking it in for the yearly/10,000 KM service on Monday. I have had it just on 11 months but just doing the 10,000KM in the next 1-3 days as I need to do just on 100kms. So, one day of "good riding" if by the looks of the forecast, I'll be doing split up on fri evening or whenever on the weekend is good enough to head out. (Sorry for talking mostly about my bike, just got me on a roll cause Triumph was mentioned :LOL: )

    Make sure you become :biker:

    Turn One Motorcycles
    32 Stubbs Street,
    Kensington, VIC 3031
    Phone: 03 9372 1299
  13. Hi Paulm
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Trumpy Triples. Your going to love your sprint for sure. Have a good ride for a bit and then you'll be able to ask specific questions . Better than general tips . You'll probably want to tweak the suspension cause you need to set it up just for you solo again packed .

    My tip is to take it nice and easy for a bit , especially in the twisty stuff , and get to know the bike . You'll prolly have a few questions by then.

    Theres also lots of trumpy owners HERE and a specific forum for sprint owners of all models .

    Theres also a lot of trumpy owners right here so once you get it and have a ride start another thread over in the garagey type forums .

    Go The Triples :dance: :dance: :dance: \:D/
  14. Thanks undii and k8 !

    Im definately planning to take it easy for a while, the jump up from a ZZR250 is pretty big so will be pretty careful !

    Possibly planning a bit of a ride out on Sunday, but it is depandant on the weather at this point.
  15. Bugger . Cant ride with you on Sunday. I'm heading off over the alps on the weekend come rain or shine. Have fun .

    EDIT: Dont worry about the jump from the zzr250. Thats the exact same thing I did .
  16. Hmm, sunday you say

    from MSN, Im watching a movie while my gf (emma) is in the computer room and I have my (wireless) laptop to lazily speak to her.. heh

    So, if you're up for a ride, let me know :grin:


    And also with taking it easy, fine by me, I basically am doing the same due to my shoulder. So don't expect me to roaring off at 250 km/h and heading off into the horizon hehe :wink:
  17. Oooooooooooooooooooooops, just had a female (best) friend crying over the phone to me when I mentioned this. She is leaving to work/live in a resort in QLD somewhere on June 1st. Mentioning this has highlighted it looks likely I won't be seeing her on any weekend if I go this Sunday because next weekend is "Spanner Day" and then shes gone. She's working a damn lot due to getting the $$$ so she can make the move and be able to eat and all the like. So, long story made medium, I'm catching with her on Sunday.

    Hope to catch up for a ride/see your bike sometime, just not this weekend or else I'll have this on my conscious when I eventually get out of the numbness I am in from 24/7 pain management routine. hehe. Or should it be :?

    Anyway, hope to be seeing you :biker: on your trumpy in the near future :grin: It seems Triumph are doing something right these days, hence this (due to a post from Loz I read)
  18. No worries undii !

    I have a 4 week old baby who chose this weekend to get sick so I didnt end up going anywhere !!
    Had a few short trips over the weekend but hope to get out there and have a decent trip soon so will let you know.
  19. OK, this may be a really stupid question, but........

    How do the heated hand grips work ??????
    Looked in the owners manual and all it says is they are there, nothing about how they work.......