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2003 Triumph Sprint ST, heated handgrips ??????

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by paulm_collins, May 25, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Just got my new bike last week and I was sure that it has heated handgrips as standard.
    I have checked the manual and all it seems to say is that they are there, theres a fuse for it and thats it....
    Nothing at all about operation of them.........

    Can anyone enlighten me about how they work ???

  2. There will be a dial to regulate the temperature if they are indeed fitted.
  3. I bought a Sprint ST new, the heated handgrips (which were fitted) were an option that cost me several hundred dollars extra (worth it though).
  4. They were and still are only an option in Aus.
  5. Thanks everyone !
    They are indeed an option and were not fitted on my bike.
    I've made some enquiries and it seems like I can get the genuine Triumph hand grips for about $280.
    Ive been told that theyre not too difficult to fit but that remains to be seen !! :)
    Might be getting them this week and giving the install a go over the weekend.
  6. Genuine Triumph heated handgrips have a rocker switch for low/off/high not a dial type (like my current oxfords).

    Offers a bit less control of heat, but looks a bit more integrated.
  7. Just went to Peter Stevens and bought the Triumph heated hand grips.

    Theyre supposed to be $315 retail, but as I bought the bike from the recently I got them for $200 ! :)

    Will be attempting to fit them myself on Sunday.
  8. Was just reading the instructions for the hand grips and noticed that, on the ST model, theres nowhere to place the switch so you have to cut a hole into the fairing to place it in....... :(

    Any tips on what to use and how to cut ??
    Im extremely nervous about cutting into my bike........