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2003 Suzuki SV1000S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bigchief, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. I know the SV1000 and SV1000S are no longer in production but just wondering - any feedback on the bike itself. I mostly do commuting, 5 days a week, rain or sunshine. Occassionally I'll do a social ride. Prefer the riding position of the VTR250 and CB600F Hornet (so sports tourer riding position).

    My only worry is that the SV1000S has a seat height is 810mm. I'm comfortable up to 800mm - confirmed by riding a CB600F Hornet not too long ago.

    Any suggestions?

  2. If it's a narrow seat you may not have any difficulties, but it's hard to say!

    Go & sit on one would be the best idea.
  3. I can tell you chefs goes pretty quick. ive often considered buying one just never found one at the right price at the right time.

    theyre a solid bike all round with a good engine.
  4. Cant comment on an SV1000 as I have a TLR myself, but that V twin engine is actually ok around town, nice low down torque and can cruise around below 4k easily all day. The only thing with that engine in the TLR is that you get a lot of heat coming up through the fairings, I dont hink it would be as bad on the semi naked SV's though.

    Have a ride on one though, that would be your best way to find out, because for me I would definitly not recommend the TLR chasis for commuting, but the engine is actually pretty well behaved around town.
  5. Thanks muchly guys. Yes, definitely agree sitting and riding one would be best, just wanted to get a general feel from people that are familiar with the bike. It helped me greatly when I went out to buy my first bike (VTR250).

    Appreciate the feedback
  6. Mate it's a cracker of a bike. Mines about to tick over 100,000 (I should go and check again)
    The only part that wore out in that time was the stator and i picked one up from the wreckers. OK maybe some tyres and some chains wore out as well. Plus I'm onto my third battery.

    But I use the bike to commute, do trackdays and twisty work, so it's been worked hard.
    It doesn't have oodles of grunt, but it will enough for you anyway.
    The bike doesn't do any one thing brilliantly, but it does everything quite well.

    If the height is a problem, leave the suspension alone or drop the front end through the forks a little, the rear is spongy as it is, so don't upset it.
    But you will find the seat is quite wide, so the best bet is to take it to a professional and have it sculptured. If they do it right they should be able to narrow the width without sacrificing the thickness.

    A K3 is getting on a bit now, so it's worth the money to go to your trustworthy mechanic and have him/her look over look it with a fine tooth comb.

    Best of luck,
  7. I had a SV1000S up till late last year. I am 6 foot one and found it a little cramped.

    The SV itself was a great bike, its motor is very tractable with good power where you want to use it, whilst it doesnt have a top end rush of the inline fours, put a set of pipes on it and it sounds much better than a screaming 4 anyway.

    The suspension is what is criticised the most on it. There have been a few people swapping the forks/rear shock for gsxr's if you look on svdownunder.com you will get more inforomation on this.

    I put 22000 kms on mine and lost $1800 in two years so I had a good experience with it.

    Overall a preety fun bike I used to commute on it a bit and take it for weekend rides and it did that fine. I sold it also because it was a little boring, but I was at the stage that every Japanese bike was boring. I needed the pain of a non-Japanese breaking down (or threatening to) to make things interesting.
  8. most comments here sum it up, great at nothing with tonnes of personality...

    Suspension imo hasn't been much of a problem until recently but mind you it also has just over 60k on a k7 and is starting to show some signs of the work it's done when really pushing on.....probably 20-25k touring km and the rest day rides, commuting and one track day. Those that claim they need astand

    The brakes are probably the best issue i am finding with it atm, and that is generally on downhill tight runs like reefton chasing motards you will find you get SERIOUS brake fade, but again how hard are you seriously going ride it?

    It's a great bike a challenge to really REALLY ride it quickly, in saying that I would have another one tomorrow, cheap easy to work on and great bang for buck
  9. Thanks muchly Guys. Going to try and find one to ride ;-)
  10. The SV650 is a reasonable substitute (for the 1000) for commuting if you're not afraid to drop the engine size.

    IMHO It's arguably a "sweeter" bike than the sv1000, less dominated by it's engine.
  11. Definitely consider the 650. The thou is overkill if most of you dont do much weekend riding. Test ride them both.