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VIC 2003 Suzuki GSXR750

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by spotty, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Rego CF310
    VIN JS1BD121300101105
    Engine no. R737143330
    My beautiful baby was stolen today 19/08 between 9am and 5.40pm in Southbank (southbank blvd).. fairly standard, yoshi pipe, leather passenger seat was on it, chip in the fairing next to the wheel on the michelin man...pls call police or im me.
    Cheers Screenshot_2015-08-19-18-26-44. Screenshot_2015-08-19-18-27-17.

  2. Ahhh thats shit, i see this bike every day on the way to work as i work at BMW right next to where you park.
    Have you asked us if we have camera footage of it? i know we have a lot of camera around the dealership but not sure if they are out that way.
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  3. sorry to hear your gsxr750 got taken, i really like that shape gsxr.
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  4. Did you used to park it on Queens Bridge St during the week?
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    Thanks for the tip... was talking to one of the sales guys there last night and he was going to get his manager to look into it. Might go down shortly and check. There's also a camera right above where where i parked, so police are meant to be looking into that...

    Usually just out the front of the pwc building...

    Thanks... me too! Best shape!
  6. Well I've just seen the security footage and two people rock up on a bike, one gets off and starts smashing and hammering a screwdriver (?) Into the ignition, turn the barrel, start it up and drive it off im kicking myself for not using a disclock! Happened at 3pm with lots of people walking past!
    20150820_115444. 20150820_115511. 20150820_115554.
  7. oh, man... this sucks so bad.

    I would never wish this on anyone.

    Wishing you the best of luck in getting this resolved.
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  8. Pricks deserve to each lose a hand!

    Maybe having to wipe their ass and pick their nose with the same hand would remind them of their wrongdoing.
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  9. Stupid question but did you get a plate on that street triple? That black and white helmet looks pretty distinctive too. Might not be too many around.
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  10. I'd be gutted to see my bike go like that. The triple looks the best bet - can't imagine even those thieving bastards used a bike with a stolen plate to nick another bike.
    I detest bike thieves - quite frankly i'd be quite comfortable using that hammer on the fcukers fingers counting his new loss of digits.
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  11. Hopefully another camera in the direction that they left in might have caught their number plate.
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  12. fcuking ****s, I can't fkn believe that... In broad fkn daylight.. In front of everyone and right under a camera..
    Pls tell me you had insurance... I know the feeling, had my Brock commodore stolen from my house, and didn't have it insured at the time.. Still kickin myself 4 yrs later.. Always sorry to hear of this type of thing and hope you have luck getting it back or the insurance money...
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