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2003 or 2005 CBR600RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Arik, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. you'll kick yourself if you dont

  2. spend the money on mods

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  1. Hi all,
    I've got about a month left on restrictions (longest 15 months of my young adult life), and am looking at a 600cc supersports bike to replace the baby VTR. I will commute on this bike daily, with some regular fangs of course.

    I'm looking for opinions on whether its worth the extra coin for the 2005-6 CBR - I am aware of the differences 'on paper', but would like to hear of anyone's experiences with these two models.

    2003 seem to be around 10,000
    2005 seem to be going for around 11-12000

    I also have a brand new r6 on offer for 13,000 (drive away), though the r6 is a little to track-focussed for what I really need.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. MUNG! :grin:
  3. the '05 bike is also quite a bit lighter.

    I'd say go for the '05 bike because of the new model they're going cheap, find a nice low km one with full service history and as standard as possible.

    Then ride it (a lot!) and see what you want to improve on the bike. If you're just coming off restrictions then your skills are probably not as good yet as what the bike can do so don't start tweaking the engine/suspension and stuff before you're getting the best of it.

    Have fun, goodluck.

    (btw, I just bought an '04 R6 for 10 grand dealer so an '05 600RR shouldn't be much more expensive)
  4. What is Mung?
  5. Ok, so what does
    "the stuff that comes out when ya push down on a pregnant woman's stomach"
    have to do with my new bike?
  6. My question exactly!
  7. 06 run out is around $13k :)

    05-06 is better than 03-04 though
  8. buy a twin :grin:
  9.  Top
  10. Not unless you have lots of $$ to burn or shares in Exxon and like filling the tank every 150km....
  11. Whichever one is more comfortable, as said above you prolly wont be able to feel the difference, especially if you get it setup right.

    And seeing as you'll be using it for commuting you'll want the comfort.
  12. 'Sif you'll be able to tell the difference! Meaning no disrepect, of course. :LOL:

    As FluffyDonkey said - I'd go for the one that makes you more comfy, or perhaps the one that 'calls to you'. Bike purchases can be pretty emotional, so pick the one that pulls the heart strings. Bear in mind if you do go the older model, you can probably spend the difference in making it more powerful/more suitable than the new one. ;)
  13. Thanks for the real feedback guys. I agree that the choice is probably going to be aesthetic as I am no way near good enough as a rider to be seriously affected by the 'performance' differences. I'm at that 'hands are tied' stage of not being able to testride anything until mid June arrgggh. Can't wait until I can actually climb on some 600s.

    I had seriously considered the VTR1000 a while back, hard to go past the sound with twin staintunes, although the age of the bike was a consideration - they are looking a little dated now.

    Petrol is irrelevant - I've been given a petrolcard by my employer.

    One reason I prefer the 2003 is there are solid black ones available, really not keen on the 2005-6 graphics.
  14. go whatever you feel more comfortable with / like the look of more. You seriously won't notice any difference due to USD forks or radial calipers (although there may be other differences which account for different feel - i don't know about those bikes)

    (also, don't write off less powerful bikes till you've ridden them - you'd be surprised how much more fun (and how fast) a smaller bike can be, especially for everyday use)

  15. The RR is also track focused, they have virtually nil midrange and are all top end, very similar to the recent R6's.

    Both make poor commuters compared to some other options.

    Like the others have said, there's stuff all difference between the models (not even gonna take the time to vote), buy the one which has the prettiest colours!
  16. USD forks are a gimmick (mostly). Nothing wrong with conventional springs.
  17. how about neither bikes coz they both boring bikes to ride. hahaha i know im gonna get into alot of crap for this but its the truth. they handle good and all but lack of fun factor compared to other 600s out there.
  18. your recommendation for fun G-force????
    cammo - your recommendation for commuting

    (short commute remember, so I am more concerned at the overall fun factor - its not like I am stuck in traffic everyday)

    and remember compared to a 250 the 'lack of midrange' is probably not going to be hugely felt.
  19. Just my opinion, but unless you're taking the bike to the track or don't value your license there's little point in owning a 600. Good if you're into posing though.

    Fair point about the 600 having oodles more midrange thna a 250, but believe it or not you'll soon get used to it and it will become a chore/bore to commute on.

    sv650's get talked about a lot on this forum, and for very good reason. One of these would make a far better everyday bike, and will be just as quick in real world/road situations. I prefer the earlier models, but the efi ones are good also. If these don't have enough mumbo, buy a raptor thou!

    In the end the choice is yours only. Don't limit yourself to just one genre of bike, test ride as many as you can.