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2003 Monitor Prices

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ZX9rB3, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Hi i have a question in regards to the prices of monitors back in 2003. Does anyone remember how much they paid for a 19" or 17" CRT? Its just that I have a dispute with a warranty claim. I paid 490 for a 19" and they are saying it is too much

    Thanks All
  2. Anyone ????

    Take a guess maybe :)
  3. Er, I got one around then but it was part of a package.
  4. Thanks Loz,

    Can I ask how much the system was back then?

    If you can remember...
  5. I take it that you've lost the receipt?

    Anyway, why does the original cost of it matter? If the thing's still under warranty then you should either have it fixed or replace it with a similar model. Cost shouldn't come into it.

    Another idea too is to ask around. See if anyone has any computer trader or PC magazines from '03 that may have similar monitors in there.
  6. where's paul? he should know this....

    i remeber them being from $350 up to ridiculous amounts. still got mine too :)
  7. will have look through the old invoice i have at home
    may have one
    but still at work

    will be able to have look after 9.30
  8. Good Idea, why didnt i think of that. hehe I have some old mags around. It was just that the shop were I got the monitor from was trying to tell me I would not have paid 490 for it in 2003. I do have the recipt but they are different staff. They are a crap shop trying to get out of the warranty.

    I have since rang Hyundai who refered me to there repair people at Thomas Electronics and they said they will send someone out to pick it up :LOL: :LOL:

    3 Yr on site warranty!!

    Thanks guys
  9. I bet you paid around that in 2003, crts were still holding a good price then, especially 19" jobs. Even 17" crts were around $300.

    Here's a brand-new Samsung 19"CRT for $413 NOW!!!


    And I sold a customer a 15" LCD for $2,300 in 2002!!!
  10. Ummmm, the whole package cost around $1700

    Pentium 4 2.4
    512mb ram
    cd rewriter
    monitor, mouse, keyboard
    colour printer

    That's about all I remember.