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2003 KTM 640 LC4 Supermotooooo

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  1. KANGA submitted a new showcase item:

    2003 KTM LC4 640 Supermotooooooo

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  2. You've scored yourself a bit of an oddity there. Your bike has a Supermoto swingarm, Enduro tail/subframe, Enduro air box, an SXC silencer, and I can't see what front brake setup. No issue, as all those parts are interchangeable. How many kms on the odo?
  3. Just coming up to 25000 now, owner kept a meticulous excel spreadsheet of all the maintenance he had done on it. He listed as having a KTM competition exhaust in the ad, didn't really look in to it that much just figured it was a factory slip on option.
    Pic from the other side.

    Making an awesome commuter so far, can see way above the traffic from the high seat and upright position and torque easily match's any speed I need to get to to change lanes/filter. Just need to get some time on the weekend and take it for a proper fang.

    Had an embarrassing moment yesterday, one of my mechanics pulled up next to me at the lights and said hello on the way home. Hes on a cbr600 so obviously I smoke him at the lights only to have my self stall at the next set and be left pushing it to the side of the road to kick start the bloody thing. He rang me up today to say my new battery had arrived, not looking forward to picking it up monday haha
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    Actually, scratch what I just said, your bike is correct for the year -I think. The next model had the different subframe/airbox and twin pipes. That is the competition exhaust can, stock on an SXC. If you can come across them at the right price, the Keihin flatslide carb combined with the open airbox sidecover makes a huge difference to them. Much more instant response off the throttle.
    Another thing to watch out for on the older LC4's if your valve clearances suddenly open up, change the roller tip bearings on the rockers. They are a known failure point, but usually last to 50 or 60K kms. Also change the crank end seal on the clutch side. About now. Or every 20K km's It's the only thing holding oil pressure to the big end bearing. Very very easy and cheap to do, and will save you a heap of grief. Also the o ring behind the countershaft sprocket sleeve seal can chop out, and make you think that it's the countershaft seal leaking, when in actual fact it's only the small o ring behind it. Other than that, they're a great engine. Very strong, and tough. If you can handle the vibes. Great bikes. You're selling it short if you only think of it as a commuter. If your favourite riding is twisties, under about 150 km/hr, there's not much that will stick with a well ridden one.
    Enjoy your bike. I'm getting real keen to get mine back on the road. :)
  5. Another thing I nearly forgot. Who's going to service your bike? Make sure whoever does it knows the proper oil change procedure for that generation LC4. It's a bit complicated with about 3 drain plugs, 2 filters and filling the frame with oil as well as bleeding it. Not hard, just need to follow the right steps.
  6. Theres some pretty good post on the LC4 set up on ADV rider which I've been reading up on. Who would think that something like a oil change could become so convoluted! Thanks for the tips though mate, always helps to know what your getting in to! Think I would have just gone at it like a normal oil change lol
    Definitely going to take her for a proper fang soon, looking at doing some of the dedicated supermoto nights at the eastern creek go kart course to.
  7. Anyone know where I can get a good aftermarket LED fender/tail light/indicator setup? Non integrated. Current one just died, wasn't street legal anyway so figure I'll replace the lot with something that is.
  8. If you find one, let me know. I've tried a couple of different aftermarket indicator brands, and neither have lasted very long. The LC4 just shakes then to death. The originals (indicators) seem to last very well, but they're a bit expensive if you start busting a few on a semi regular basis when riding in the dirt.
  9. Well lets see how super cheap auto holds up lol Yeah those vibrations are a killer, my parking spot has a slight downward slope to let water out. In the morning while I wait for the bike to warm up it slowly starts backing out of the spot because its bouncing the kickstand around so much lol.