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NSW 2003 Kawasaki ZZR600 - Penrose

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by Imagine771, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Hi, My Kwaka was stolen at the end of May 2014 from Penrose just south of Dapto. I think it is now in Western Sydney as it has been booked for not paying a toll coming off the M7 southbound at Elizabeth Drive,

    Rego number is NNA 57.

    Bike was stock standard with 48,000 k's on it.

    This bike was in excellent condition and I had just purchased it from it's original owner.

    I would really like this scumbag @#%& caught .

    Any information would be greatly appreciated..............


  2. It's hard to believe th the thief is still getting around on it with original plate and breaking the law as a bonus "you're nicked, sunshine" opportunity. Possibly sold it to an unsuspecting dimwit but unlikely.

    Anyway, it's good that it's still around because most stolen bikes disappear from the face of the earth , ie, go to Asia or a parts bin). To give people a better clue as to what they're looking for, post a photo or 2 to a free site and link here (I don't think you can upload photos directly to here yet as you don't have enough posts.

    Hope someone sees the bastard!
  3. Thanks for the reply Darryl, My thoughts exactly, a better chance of getting the low life if he is still using it. But if he gets caught there will be a chase and most likely a crash...bad for bike but good for the lowlife..:))
    Yeah I couldnt upload any piccies, I'll do it thru face book :)) Nah it wont let me do that either :-((
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    Not my bike but looked exactly the same

    Thanks Dark Angel, I will give it a go but the image above is the same :))
  6. A friend of mine has an older model. My condolences. I hope the thief dies of dick cancer.
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    Seems to work for me.

    I just click the little image icon in the post area tool bar and use the direct link to the photobucket image.

    You're copying and pasting the page link.
    You need to use the "Direct" link to the image.
    Here's a screenshot with my cursor near the part I'm referring to.


    Just click the box next to the word "Direct" and it will copy the address to the clipboard, then you can paste it into the box when you create the forum post.

    There's other ways of course, and other sharing sites as well. This is just one way that works.

    Ok, it just occurred to me that I might not have explained something very well.


    When I mentioned clicking the picture button in the reply tools I meant the little guy just above my cursor in this image. The box that says "Image" will then open and you can paste the image URL for your bike pic


    and then click "Insert".

    Back on topic for a sec, but you have of course reported the theft to the police etc, right?
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    Thanks for all the info, I was copying the image link. That's what you get from a geriatric old muppet LOL. Yes it was all reported to the police, but you don't get to talk to an officer anymore they refer you to a reporting hotline where they have civilians trained in police procedures. In saying that they were excellent.


    It works
  9. Tiz a fine looking steed. I hope you get it back undamaged, or at the very least that it kills the thief horrifically.
  10. It definitely is, was a great ride especially for an old arthritic body :) I would much rather if he wrecks the bike that he is super severely injured resulting in years of misery and when he finally learns to live with the pain then he can get dick cancer to finish up. Just saying :))
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  11. Sad to hear that buddy. I too had my Honda stolen from a parking lot. Never got to see that majestic machine ever again! Hope that the asshole who stole your bike is behind the bars soon!