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Harley Sportster 2003 Anniversary 883 with 1200 kit

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  1. #1 Harley 1200, Apr 14, 2014
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    Daryll submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Harley Sportster 2003 Anniversary 883 with 1200 kit

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    Used to ride Honda 750 fours in the '70s, and Kwak 900s, and has been a long time in between drinks.....love this bike....am nearly 60, and do not want the sports bike thing....great for you maniacs...for me want to ride further and not have my arms numb at the end of it.......love this forum...thanks guys and gals...

  2. If its good enough for Captain America its good enough for me.


    And its one hell of a movie
  3. Went to Broadford yesterday through King Lake, Flowerdale etc....great ride, and no sore arms......solid mount engine to frame vibrates at certain speeds, although to be expected. Small bike with big engine right under and close to you......effortless ride with tons of power......:)
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  4. Nice bike, did you pick it up from Harley Heaven?
  5. No from a guy in Ringwood in Melbourne that buys and sells without the overheads. Will post some more recent pics soon....:) Riding the 1200N Sportster?, Got any pics?
  6. nice ..what 1200 kit does it have?
  7. Will have to look back at the paper work, although done at Harley City, Melbourne.....Screaming Eagle pipes and air cleaner....
  8. Love it!

  9. nice ride, I reckon black exhaust to finish it off
  10. Yep agree :) they're on the list. Just got a quote off Harley, looking at different bars too. Love riding it, l ride everyday
  11. U must post new picks when the new exhaust is on, jealous indeed :]
  12. Will do, this is what lm looking at, still deciding...what do you think...

  13. I like the look of top pic looks awesome full black it must sound fcuking great too with the short shots:]
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    Love your bike, there is something about black that is great. If I could have two, I would have the Black as well.....

    Looking for the larger tank for mine with the same paint job....does not exist I think although would like the extra fuel for longer trips...........
  15. I have read the patriot defender 2-1 produces good power, comes in black as well
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  16. Funny you say that, l loved the burnt orange superlow but found the Nightster a better fit for me - love the black.
    Yep agree on the tank. Ive done alot of research and talked to Harley and a custom guy at Brass Balls Motorcycles to see if l could get even a 14ltre 'peanut' shaped tank - no go. Theres bigger tanks that fit but not peanut shaped. I did find a US supplier selling bigger peanut tanks tho. I think they were 14 & 15ltr ones from memory. Another Harley rider who bought most of his parts from the US and put it together out here told me, that when his tank arrived it was dented and it wasnt worth sending back cost wise. He had it sprayed here.
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  17. #17 NightStar, May 2, 2014
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    True, l read that too, but rather keen on the short shocks...
  18. Love the lows, and had to get used to mine after the cruiser style of the Marauder. Still love it now. My initial love was for the matte black as well, although fell in love with the racing orange anniversary, especially with the 1200 kit and the screaming eagle two into ones. Sound great, not too loud but deep and responsive. Twin discs on the front and single on the back. Have yet to adjust the rear shocks as they are two hard for me and when I brake quickly, the rear skids. So want it a bit softer.
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  19. They have a 19 litre? tank for the 1200 as standard on the Customs I think, so i am after one of those as a spare for longer trips.....have two seats, the original racing, which is surprisingly comfy, and a plush one for pillion, if I throw my daughter on the back....
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  20. Is the 19ltr the peanut shape? Definitely an advantage for long trips. Atm if l do a long trip l plan for stops around 220ks, would love to just keep riding. Hard to get used to, last bike had a 16ltr. I'll have a look at the 2-1's, not after a thumping loud sound, they just need to be black and have a nice deep note. Mine came with the 2up seat but l put the Harley low reach seat on, love how comfortable it is, could ride all day.
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