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QLD 2003 GSXR 750

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Billy77, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone, If anybody comes across my bike please let me know. I recently moved up to Macleay Island in QLD. I rode my bike up from Melbourne I arrived at the Redland Bay ferry terminal just in time to catch the last ferry home on the 4/3/15 for some hard earned sleep. My housemate went across the next day and confirmed for me that the bike was still there. i went to pick it up the next day on the 6/3/15 in the morning and some bastards had stolen it
    I have spoken to police and got this response:-

    Billy, I have been tasked to make further inquiries in relation to your stolen motorcycle. Unfortunately there is not CCTV in the Weinam Creek Carpark. I was working on the 5/3/15 and recall seeing your bike parked in the motorcycle during my shift up to and including 11pm that night. High likelihood it was removed by trailer in the early hours of the 6/3/15. Could you please email me any photos you have of the bike and also the VIN, Eng #, etc as shown on your old rego paperwork, failing having the old paperwork, it you know the old VIC rego I can query that to get the details.
    Regards, Paul.

    Here are some photos of the bike the rego plate on the bike was GSXXR
    any help would be great My number is 0404278706

  2. Left it parked in a public car park for two days???????
  3. Left it parked in a public car park for two days???????
  4. at least it sounds like a decent copper