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2003 CBR600RR questions.....

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by zxparker, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just got my bigger bike! So much fun thats its all too scarry again! I however have a few questions about my new toy that I thought people may be able to help with.... Probably need a new user name also hey!

    1. How hot is too hot? I have previously only had temp gauges, this whole actual temperature thing is a little confusing. Its sitting between 80 and 90 depending on the traffic, is this normal?

    2. This one is a little less important, but thought I would ask. How do I set the time on the thing? I have tried pressing the buttons on the instrament pannel in all combinations while the bike is on and off???

  2. 1. too hot is 108-110, whats the manual say?

    2. ignition on, press button till your clock is showing, push and hold button and it will start flashing, set away.

  3. Dont know what the manual says. Got the bikefrom the auctions.

    Thanks for the info!!
  4. As indicated in the 1000RR manual too hot is as vic indicated however 112 seems to rin a bell as wel. I found that normal operating temp if you were moving was 79 - 80 degrees, fan kicks in at about 102-104 and should keep it under 108 sitting in traffic on a hot day, it might spike to 109 but should be able to bring it down.

    www.fireblades.org would be a good place for further questions about the 600RR but an even better source is to get hold of a 600RR owners manual.
  5. mine is a gixer 600 k4 and it opperates in the 85 when cruising about 90 when at the lights on hot days i have seen it up to 100-102
    hope that helps in anyways