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2003 cbr 1100 xx Super black bird

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by boy biker, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. hey all, im looking at buying a 2003 cbr 1100xx super black bird which has approx. 18000k's on it and was wondering what i had to look out for in relation to problems, also for the people who ride them how far can you get out of the chain and spockets if they are looked after and tyres also.

    and can any one point me at some essentials for this bike for example a radiator gard, or aftermaket exhuast

    thanks in advanced

  2. Please tell me who you're insuring with! When I was 23 I still paid over 3k for a CBR600F. I dread to think what a Blackbird would be for an 18 year old.

    About the bike.. my dad has one and hasn't had any problems with it, he has an 03 model I believe, with about 21,000ks on it. Tyres were changed at 18,00ks and it treated them pretty well. Get a front mudguard extender and one for the rear too.

    I think there was a recall for the 03 model a long time ago but can't recall what it was for. Maybe the linked brakes.

    Get an aftermarket pipe for the sound maybe, it's not like you'd be after one for more power... :p

    They really are beautiful bikes though, comfy, they go all day and are pretty good on fuel too.

    EDIT: Yeah you'd be looking at around $3K for insurance, I reckon. Oh and get a double bubble screen.
  3. Hop onto the cbrxx.com site and they have all the info you will ever need for any of the XX models.
    I have one, 2006 model and could not be happier with it. Very awesome machine. You will not regret buying one. cct seems to be the only problem.
    Two bolts and it is replaced.
  4. Double bubble, from Kowloon, Moto 777 $56-00 aussie delivered in less than a week, from ordering. I bought mine last week, fitted it Tuesday,
    The only problem with it, the bottom of the windscreen you can see through, and the wiring is exposed, a strip of black paint or a sticker will solve the problem. I am more than happy with it,
  6. Try insuremyride or ebike too.

    But I like your thinking! :LOL: You would love the bike.
  7. How will be able to legally ride it? I assume that your profile has accurate information. 18yo Victorians cannot ride bikes that exceed 250cc or if LAMS is now in operation, a LAMS approved bike.

    Certainly, if your father registers and insures it in his name, he will not be able to name you as a rider without incuring huge excess penalties or even a high premium.

    And if he does go along with this then questions of judgement arise.
  8. that information is correct and im not looking to ride it now once i am off restrictions in about 4 months i will be looking at riding it. i am just gathering as much information as i can on the above bike. as for the insurance he is fine with it and he nows that if i fall or crash it i will pay for the excess that is required is just cause comprehesive is not overly worth it at the cost that i was qouted so if he puts me down as a percentage rider which i will be it reduces the cost just a lil for comp.

    oh and i will look in to that thankyou Hyssy
  9. I must be way out of touch. I wasn't aware that the bike restrictions were only for 12 months of your probationary licence.

    Still, it's one heck of a jump from a 250 onto something like a Blackbird.
  10. ya well as fair as i no it a minimum of 15 months 3 on ur ls then 12 on ur ps. at least i hope i am right cause i was told that by vicoroads unless they have changed their mind again. however i still have restrictions relating to carrying pillions and bac cause im am still on my car p's these come off wen i turn 21.

    also for the jump i agree it is a big step but i feel that as long as i am sensible with me right wrist it shoudn't be to bad and i have sat on the bike for a while and i rode it around the guys yard and wen i am able to properly test ride it ill see weather it has to much power for a start if it does i may go to summin a lil smaller first then jump on to that
  11. If you can exercise self control the jump from a 250 to the Blackbird is no worries, they are a very tractible and easy bike to ride lower in the rev range...however the rush above 7000rpm is addictive :twisted:

    I rode my first Blackbird having been on my L's for a couple of weeks...I didn't crash or die...if your sensible about it and respect the amount of power you control with your right hand neither will you :)

    As for chain and sprockets I think I did mine at my 24k service, for a heavy bike like the Blackbird I would recommend the Pilot Road 2's... awesome tyres for both life and grip!. I experimented with other brands but these were by far the best for commuting and weekend fanging.

    I put almost 40,000k's on mine and during that time I never had to put a spanner to it except for routine servicing...the are a smooth, reliable, well built bike I'm sure you'll love it
  12. I'm running Pilot Roads on mine. They're about knackered. The rear is starting to look like a car tyre as I've been commuting more than real "riding". No twisties between work and home. The front is also getting down too. But so far, up to 10,000km on both tyres.

    I'll be switching to Pilot Powers when I replace the tyres in the new year. They may have less life than the Roads, but I've heard that they can improve handling and steering. If the rear wears out quick I'll put a PR2 on it.

    As for chain/sprockets I get around 30,000km to a set.

    No other maintenance issues other than oil filter changes. I haven't had the valves looked or nor the EFI serviced. Maybe in the new year with the tyre replacements. Dunno what that will cost, though.

    Any ideas? (the EFI servicing, not the tyres).
  13. cbrxx.com recomend PR2 or Metzeler V6 I went for the V6, Cant fault it in the dry, and it hasn't rained yet so I cant say how well it will stick, My Bird came with factory fitted Dunlop 205, Not good in the wet,
    Both PR2 and The V6 are dual compound tyres excellent for the heavy weight of the bird,
    Mjt57 check out cbrxx.com for your EFI servicing, plenty of Birds in Melbourne to get advice from.
    Get on to the Australian site down the bottom of the forum page.
    They will set you straight,
  14. The VicRoads website seems to be down, so I can't post a link right now (I'll try again later today) but I'm 90% sure that yes, Probation restrictions only last for 12 months... IF at the end of the 12 months you are above a certain age (21 years I think).

    Similar to with cars. If I'm 30 and getting my licence then just a few months on L's and a year on P's will suffice. But if I'm 16 and getting my licence... 5 Years all up thankyou very much.

    Sorry to be the bringer of bad news. I'll check again later today and see if Vicroads is up to confirm it one way or the other.

    FWIW, the BB is a beautiful bike.
  15. Got this from the vic roads site:

    Source Page

    Cheers, AdzA
  16. Don't forget this though

    From Vic roads
  17. In other words, the restrictions above and below apply until the end of your probationary period, which as AdzA found:

    With apologies to the OP, I really think you are out of luck on this one.

    Any rider training school should be able to give you a definitive answer, or if you can be bothered waiting for hours on the phone you can call Vic Roads and hear it from them directly, but I'm pretty sure that until you are 21 you are stuck with the LAMS list to choose from. :(
  18. I re-read my above post and realised that all the Vic Roads gobbeldygook was still confusing, so let me boil it right down.

    Boy biker: What Vic Roads told you about 15 months was true... if you are the holder of a full Car licence then you spend 3 months on your L plates, 12 months on your P plates and then you are off restrictions.

    But here's the important bit: If you are NOT the holder of a full car licence then your motorcycle restrictions WILL NOT END until you are off probation on your car licence. See AdzA's post for the source on the Vicroads website.

    As far as I can see there is no way a Victorian Rider can be unrestricted until they are 21 as a minimum.

    It's a bummer I know, but that's my understanding of the current law.
  19. I agree vfr750, the wording on vic roads website is pretty darn confusing so I figure I'll just post a pic to put an end it. Got my p's for the bike in july last year.


    Lams and no pillion ends 12 months after getting p's. Only restriction is zero BAC as is normal when on your probationary licence.

    ps. sorry for the small pic, scanner's crapped itself so i can't do a bigger one. It does say restrictions end 27/7/09
  20. Wow, thats not what I expected based on my reading of the website, but that certainly seems to say that you will become unrestricted (as far as bike choice is concerned) whilst STILL ON YOU CAR P's...

    Odd, but for you, GOOD! :grin:

    Ah well then mate, looks like you were right all along... And I've gotta say again, the BB's a beautiful bike, just treat the throttle with the respect it deserves...