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2003 Busa Idling Problems / Engine Cutting Out

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bear2003, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. 2003 Busa - 4000k's - Recently engine will idle, OK then (stutter) and sound & FEEL like she's running on 3 NOT 4. On changing down gears to pull up at lights etc engine will occasionaly completely CUT OUT! Will restart OK. No probs with Top End grunt - but this idling issue & cutting out has Suzuki mechanics baffled. Have been using correct fuel - even went to Caltex Vortex as advised by Suzuki. NO F1 light issue. Could this be electrical - eg related to a wiring problem perhaps with side stand, kill switch or clutch OR does it sound like a fuel system issue? Two weeks off the road already & going STIR crazy. Any ideas, views & comments appreciated. :cry:

  2. Gday Bear. Other than stating the obvious........................its an Eyeabusa/Hayabugly what do you expect. :shock: :LOL:

    Had a similiar prob with the 12, but no where near what you are describing. Mine was related to the side stand kill switch and the clutch adjustment. I dont believe its fuel related. It could be plugs and wiring related as well. Those two areas are my guess. If it sounds like its not firing on all cylinders then it could be plug/wiring related. A couple of questions........if its an 03 model with 4000 klicks have you had it serviced lately. If not then a service may resolve all issues. I am guessing you have had it recently serviced as the Suzuki mechanics are scratching thier heads. If you dont mind when you find out what the gremlins were can you let us know, I would be very interested. Good Luck


    P.S. Sell it and get a 12 all the pain will evaporate (sorry could not resist)
  3. Hi Bear!
    I have an 03 busa with 11500 ks with 3rd service just recently. At this point I have had no mishaps (fingers crossed) By what you have described it could be a number of things. I would seriously suggest you take your busa to someone who specializes in dyno's, mapping fuel injections and racebike setups etc... I don't know of anyone in Brisy but surf the net for your area and you should be able to get on to someone. Know their history. You can even try MC News Magazine. You may be paying the dollars but they will find the problem.
    Stay positive!

    Regards Franky
  4. hows it going
    hyp4r used to own an across before he got his bussa
    here is the site , brillant site , everything you need to know .
    also this is the problems page , common problems O2 sensors etc
    I think this might solve your problem

  5. the busa donks are ECU controlled, both on injection and ignition. whenever a problem like this arrises, the first place to look is in the ECU logs (you will need the software and hardware to do this, the Suzuki dealer will have it) and check to ensure that the fuel mapping and timing is correct. if it is not, it is simply a matter of installing the correct fuel and ignition maps, and you'll be all sweet.

    other than that, look toward you airflow sensor. often the action gets sticky and at idle or low revs, and the sensor doesnt operate properly telling the ECU to reduce the amount of fuel due to reduced airflow to the engine. At full pelt the force of air renegs any problems with the action, hence the correct, flawless operation at high RPM.

    NOTE: The "action" is the part that swivels, spins or leans in an airflow sensor, measuring the amount of air being taken into the engine.
  6. i would have a little look around-- pull the fuel tank and airbox off.
    look for things like crippled/pinched pipes (fuel, fuel breather pipes etc),
    broken or bad electrical connections, melted wiring on hot assemblies

    it's an unfortunate reality that some dealership mechanics can be sloppy
    in their repairs. i've had to do many minor fix ups after getting bike back
    from service (ie, replacing missing bolts, replugging in brake light
    connectors, reseating/unpinching breather pipes, retieing cabling).

    you can do basic isolation of fault by unplugging fuses, bypassing
    electrical connections/sensors if you suspect electrics (without
    being intrusive)... but avoid this if you're unsure what you are doing.

    the next thing i would be asking them is to start interchanging
    systems to fault down problem (if they are not already doing this).

    a million things could be the cause.

    can you get a consistant fault ? ..ie be able to follow a set procedure
    to cause a fault ?

    cheers ;)

  7. did this bloke ever come back and get the reply's?
  8. Nah just sounds like typical SuSUCKi motors. Fred's got a prob as you no with his FI. 8)

    Go the Kawi
  9. try ringing gavin spann ( serco ) brisbane and he'll steer u in the right direction. alternately ring col linney ( tenth tenths motorcycles sydney) and he'll sought u out. regards mike.
  10. Busa Idling Problems

    Thanks for the input re my problems with the Busa. Have disconnected both the clutch & sidestand isolator switches. Has not cut-out since but still has its "flutters" now & then - nothing that new plugs, a tune & checking the mapping probably won't fix. I will continue to monitor. Sorry for the delay in responding.
    Thanks again! Safe riding. :)
  11. Might be a dead thread now, but I had issues with the ignition circuit on my 00 busa.

    Wouldn'y exactly toss a fuse, but pulling the fuse and replacing it fixed the symptoms, which were similar to yours.