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2003 BMW R1100S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by nearlyempty, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Updated - handling is getting better.


    Weight - It's a bit of a beast, especially at low speeds. Not just that, but the extra weight at the sides is a real pain. The extra weight does help when taking pillion though, but not at low speeds. The weight does disappear when you start moving.
    Brakes - Mine has ABS, which admittedly does give me more confidence in the wet, but they are servo assisted & can feel a bit wooden. Maybe different brake pads would help, but I doubt it, I think it is the servo that is the cause of the problem.
    Power - Could use a little more mid range. Not helped by the weight, but could (will) be sorted by a new exhaust & some tweaking. Top end is fine really. You don't need any more & it will match pretty much anything coming out of the corners.
    View from the front - Not to my taste
    Ground clearance - first job, remove the centre stand.
    Footpegs - If you like riding on your toes (like me), the pillion pegs get in the way. Easy to remove though.

    neutral to +

    handling - the front end is now feeling a little less vague. After making an embarassing schoolboy error in my suspension adjustment :roll: (hey, it's been a while, ok :wink: ) I am now moving in the right direction. I just need to get out more, to fine tune everything...
    The front end still needs to be trusted a little more than I am used to, but this is getting better with each ride and I am confident that this will be sorted soon. Stability is still amazing - see below.


    Stability - This is, without exception THE most stable bike I have ever ridden through the twisties. Nothing phases this bike. Hitting bumps mid corner that would have any other sports bike shaking around, forcing the rider to back off, just get swallowed up by the R1100S. No need to back off for an instant.
    Power delivery - Smooooth as. The power just builds & builds. Make no mistake, this is a quick bike. Not as quick off the line or as punchy as a Ducati, but extremely deceptive.
    Comfort - Yes, yes, it's a BMW. I tested a 1000SS back to back with the BM. Whilst the Duke was sleek, light, beautiful, fast & focused, an hour to any decent roads would have crippled me. You needed to be in the mood to enjoy it. With the BM, I can ride it all day and feel just a slight stiffness in the knees (but that is after a full day, 7+ hours, in the saddle).
    Good pillion comfort, too.
    View from the side/ rear - Nice.
    Shaft drive - Didn't think I'd get on with this, but you really don't notice it except that you forget all about chains & their associated problems (wheel alignment, chain lube, adjustment, chain lash, etc.)
    Finish - It is a BMW

    I tested this against a 1000SS. Although it pained me to turn away from the Duke, I just wouldn't have been able to live with it. The combination of poor pillion manners & uncompromising riding far outweighed the plusses (light weight & punchy motor).
    Yes, the BM was a compromise, but worth it.
    I'd be interested to try the new bike when it comes out, to see how much it has changed (much more power & a lot less weight apparently). Scrap that, I now want to try the new K1200S...


  2. You're bored or it's a slow day at work?

  3. Smee, mate. Looks like you're lacking a little lovin'.
    10mins & you're +1 (despite slating my riding!),

    I am just happy to be here today :)