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2002 ZZR250 as first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Samboss260, May 1, 2012.

  1. Gents,

    Looking at my first bike, and have come across a 2002 ZZR250, with 47,000kms on the clock. Looks very try from pics, and claims to have full service history.

    Asking price is $3,000. I'm consdering this bike, if my mates ninja doesn't come through.

    Is $3,000 the right money for a 2002 ZZR, And are the kays too high?
  2. Mine had 72000kms when i sold it.

    Edit: incidently i sold it for $3300 in 1997. Bikes are so much cheaper nowadays, you guys have it lucky.
  3. zzr ...great bikes...dont be afraid of the kilometre's...just use that as an excuse to try and knock a couple hundred off the price :]
  4. So, how would you compare a really good example of a ZZR, opposed to say a 2010 Ninja? I know it chalk and cheese, and essentially they are the same engine, but is one a better learner bike over the other?
  5. The zzr has 1kw more and 1kg less if i remember correctly.

    And i always subscribedbo get the cheap bike for a first bike. While you are not guaranteed to drop it the chances are high enough.

    And buying off mates is not a good idea, can loose friendships and you cant lowball them
  6. I ride a ZZR, its a great learning bike. I've swap with my friends ninja from time to time. Seating position is pretty much exactly the same as the ninja, the power delivery seems a little bit different though. Ninja seems to have more mid range but definitely doesn't pull as hard at the top end of the rev ranges. I don't think you can go wrong with either. I bought a 2000 model at 50000km and it goes fine.
  7. no such thing as high KMs for zzr's. They are built like tanks
  8. I paid $3,500 for my 06 ZZR with 2,500km's, and when I was collected in the roundabout it had 8,000km's on it. She had another good 15 years in her I reckon.

    It is without a doubt the perfect learner bike. Easy to handle, faster off the line than pretty much any car and stuck to corners like a fly on sh*t. Can't recommend them highly enough.

    Checking bikesales for VIC now there's a fair few 2005+ models with less than 10,000km's on them going for $3k - $4k. Not sure about Brissy though. My nets too slow to look ...