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VIC 2002 Yamaha R1

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by hawklord, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. As many on here will know my R1 is my pride and joy.
    "Blue" has been stolen from outside my work in Coolaroo 3048
    on 10/9/13 between 2.30 ans 5PM.

    2002 YAMAHA YZF-R1

    REG: 1D1BM

    VIN: JYARN097X3A000266

    ENGINE No. N507E019293

    This is the bike in my avatar pic. Please keep an eye out for it.
  2. OMFG WTF Doug!!!
    That's shit! Will keep an eye out as in the area!
  3. Crap man , that sucks . Hope you get it back . Was it insured ?

  4. Sad to hear, hope 'Blue' finds his way home, must have been a snatch n grab, gotta be quick and a mongrel to do such a thing, hope the blokes found and nuts removed , with pliers.. that sucks..
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  5. I'll keep an eye out to Doug. Can't believe after such a long wait, this would happen! :(
  6. Oh man.. thats just awful. So sorry to hear this Doug.
  7. Absolutely shit go my mexican friend....living in bumfcuk nowhere and having friends in other bumfcuk nowhere places i'll let them know the details and tell em to keep an eye out
  8. Very sorry to hear this mate i too would be devastated!! Can I ask what @minglis meant by "after such a long wait", if you have not long purchased this bike I would seriously be trying to get in contact with the previous owner (possible 2nd key??). This has been my greatest concern since purchasing my new bike and only being provided with the one key... I understand why the rta requires all the buyers info... but it is a very trusting situation to have to reveal your personal details to the old owner of the vehicle isn't it??? Or is it just me being a little over paranoid with having my new ride stolen?? :)
  9. Ah Crap. I hope it is returned soon and undamaged.
  10. Hey mate, that is a real bummer.
    Nothing worse than taking the bus home in your leather race suit. ;)

    Hope the boys in blue find it for you.
  11. So sorry to heat about this . Had my pride and joy (gt falcon) stolen so know the gut wrenching feelings. Don't give up the search. Yell if I can help.
  12. Ah no Doug, hope you get back soon.
  13. Sorry to hear. Hope it's found soon, in one piece.

  14. Gutted for you Doug. A 99 model with similar color scheme was posted up yesterday on a FB group as also being nicked.
    Makes you wonder if someone is grabbing them to order.

    Here's hoping for a safe return
  15. I am sorry to hear that mate, will keep an eye out.
  16. So sad to hear :(
    Can only hope you get Blue back!
  17. Fckn dirtbags. :mad:
    ive shared the facebook link from netrider.
    hope you it soon
  18. Doug Nooooooo.......this is so sh!te....

    Farken oxygen thief's - I hope Blue chews them up and spits them out before returning to you safely.

    Eyes well and truly peeled.
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